4 Amazing Outdoor Places to See in Arizona

4 Amazing Outdoor Places to See in Arizona

Are you thinking of visiting Arizona for a vacation? It is a perfect place if you love the outdoors. Arizona is filled with beautiful natural wonders, lively cities, and pleasing small towns. This place gives a bag full of possibilities for travelers. Explore some of the fantastic places to see in Arizona.
Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the popular and most visited tourist destinations. There are two approaches of the Grand Canyon, the North and South Rim. Most people visit the South Rim as it is accessible all year long. This site has stunning views and incredible museums. The North has the peak point in the Grand Canyon. This part of it is not open the entire year. There are multiple outdoor activities like Hiking, Photography, Whitewater rafting, camping, take a Canyon helicopter ride, or can take a ride on the mule performed at the Canyon.

4 Amazing Outdoor Places to See in Arizona

Lake Mead National Recreation Area

This beautiful lake is the largest US reservoir. It has approximately nine trillion gallons of water covering an area over 1.5 million acres. There are off water and on-water activities to perform. Some of them include swimming, fishing, sailing, cycling, hiking, and camping. One of the most adventurous things to do is lease a houseboat and spend several days on the sea.

Saguaro National Park

This National park has a rare cactus plant that weighs many tons and will survive for over 200 years and one of the amazing places to see in Arizona. This park is named after this cactus plant. The ideal time to explore these iconic cacti is the end of May. At this time, the cacti blossom and produce flowers. You can spend several days camping but never forget to carry lots of water with you as the weather is desert-like. There are generally developed and well-signposted trails where you can hike some of the 150 miles.

Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument

This National Park is situated near to the Mexico frontier of the United States. It would be best if you managed it quickly to cross the border with proper documents and a valid visa. Make sure you have a visa, and it is not about to expire. The family of cacti present is unique as the shape of the stem looks like The Pipe Organ. If you want to explore the facts about how plants an animal survives in the dry condition, you can take guides who can explain to you. There are other things you can do in this desert area, like hiking, camping, and scenic drives.

Petrified Forest National Park

This National park is famous for the views that show how wood turned into stones. It is true! This is one of the amazing places to see in Arizona. This has happened due to permineralization. Permineralization is a process where organic wood products have evolved and shaped stones over the years. You can find numerous dinosaur fossils that existed here millions of years before. Get on your boots and start your adventurous journey. Wader, hike and take amazing photographs.

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