What to Expect When Visiting Havana, Cuba

What to Expect When Visiting Havana, Cuba

American travelers visit Cuba very frequently. It’s a picture-perfect place to spend your holidays. The place can make travelers go crazy with white sand beaches and azure waters. Also, the country comes with enough diversity to please all types of travelers and tourists. Havana, the capital city, is one of the exciting places to travel.

If you are wondering what to expect when visiting Havana, Cuba, then you are in the right place. Here, in this article, we are about to share some interesting facts about Havana that can be exciting to check for all travelers.

1. Cuban Music

What to expect when visiting Havana, Cuba? Well, you get to explore music in Havana. Music in Havana is natural because music rules their heart. For Cuban, music is like an addiction. Well, if you love music or love salsa, then you will surely love the place. Besides, you will find lots of dancing and enjoyment everywhere. For instance, while having your meal, you will have a live band playing somewhere in the restaurant.

Moreover, the famous Buena Vista Social Club is located here in Havana. People are very friendly over there and if you get invited to dance, do not hesitate to try some dancing moves in Havana.

2. Two currencies

If you intend to spend your vacations and wonder what to expect when visiting Havana, Cuba, you must know about the currencies. Well, in Cuba, there are two official currencies. Hence, you should be very careful about it before landing here. The first currency is the Cuban peso (CUP), and the other one is the Cuban convertible peso (CUC).

The first one is to pay the state workers. On the other hand, the second currency is for tourists and some locals. If you are traveling, make sure you did get ripped off; hence properly know the currency for smooth transactions. Always be alert with the notes and coins and do not get confused. Besides, you must also know that 1 CUC is equaled to 25 CUP.

3. Stay in local people’s houses than hotels.

Tourists and travelers in Havana, Cuba can experience the best while staying with the locals. You can get to stay in the local people’s house that is quite amazing, and you will get to know more about the place in detail. It is called “Casa Particular” and is the main accommodation option in Havana, Cuba. If the local people have a bedroom or spare room, they are allowed to rent it.

Moreover, the locals are accommodating, and they can easily direct you about the locations and the ways over there. You can also enjoy home-made authentic Havana food from the locals.

4. The finest views of Havana

If you are still wondering what to expect when visiting Havana, Cuba, you can expect many best views. Havana has so many great picturesque views to offer. You will be mesmerized by Old Havana as it has the most amazing character. You must start with cobblestone streets, enjoy food in small cafes, and visit museums and tourist castles.

Moreover, in Paseo del Prado, the western boundary has many hotels, restaurants, theatres, and street artists. If you want to experience the best views of the city Havana, then you can opt for the Hotel’s terraces.

5. Exploring the city in the best way

What can be the best way to explore the city and experience the newer part? Well, it is by taking a big red tour bus. Well, on this tour bus, you will get to know the city clearer. The ticket fare is cheap, and it’s $5.

Therefore, this tour bus will take you along the Revolution Square to the city. It will also take you to the beach where you can see the white sand.

You can hop into a convertible and take a tour around the city, which will be convenient for you. You can hire a 1950s convertible and explore the city in Havana style. Besides, you can cover all the best places and halt to take a walk at Revolution Square.

Moreover, you can also visit the museum, Museo de la Revolucion. It is in Old Havana and one of the exciting places to go. You can enjoy the majestic building and artifacts and exhibits.

6. Drinks

Havana is the city of music and entertainment, but there is something else that you should know if you still doubt what to expect when visiting Havana, Cuba. There are some restrictions on trade in Havana, and you won’t be getting any recognized alcohol brand.

Thus, you will have to satisfy some local brands like Cristal beer, apart from Heineken beer, which you have to get used to till the time you stay there. Besides, the place is good and full of enjoyment.

7. Malecon – a must-see place

Malecon is the busiest road and incredibly important to Havana locals. Well, the place is busy at night. You can get to see dating couples, a bunch of people gossiping, or groups of friends who meet to enjoy the night by the sea with drinks like a bottle of Rum.

8. Vintage Cars

In Havana, you will see people driving the 1950’s car. Well, the passion for the old car can be seen here. People love old cars wholeheartedly. Besides, you can experience the old 50’s American cars or 70’s and ’80s Soviet cars and few modern imported ones.

Thus, if you are a vintage car lover, then certainly you must hire a 1950s convertible car to travel around the city.

Havana is the city where you can relax, eat tasty food, and drink Rum with the dash of music. If you ask me what to expect when visiting Havana, Cuba, well, then the points mentioned above are a must to check to have a pleasant stay in Havana.

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