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My Travel Bucket List

No Comments 16 March 2014

Everyone’s got a bucket list. Maybe you want to write a novel before you die or sing a song in public. On your bucket list, there are probably a few places that you want to visit as well. Have you spent your life dreaming of the day you would take an African safari? Perhaps climbing Mount Everest is on there. Or maybe you want to go white water rafting in New Zealand. There are so many incredible places in the world. It’s only natural to want to experience them!

Lately, I have been thinking about my travel bucket list. What are the places I really want to visit

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How to Souvenir Shop The Smart Way

No Comments 04 February 2014

How many times have you gotten a cheesy t-shirt or shot glass from a country you’ve never visited? And how many times have you brought back those same items for your loved ones? Souvenir shopping is undoubtedly a part of the travelling experience. It is also an easy way to spend a lot of money on things you don’t really need. If you’re tired of over spending on trinkets, here are ways to souvenir shop the smart way!

Give Yourself a Budget

The best way to avoid over spending is to give yourself a budget before your vacation even starts. How much are you willing to spend on shopping, novelty gifts, and other souvenir purchases? It’s important to be realistic with your budget. However, it is equally important not to allow yourself an enormous budget for shopping. The result will be an awful lot of cheesy tourist memorabilia that will sit on your shelf for the next five years.

Limit the Number of Novelty Purchases

Buying a nice sweater is one thing. Buying a stack of fridge magnets is quite another! If you’re shopping on your trip, you’ll need to limit the number of novelty items you allow yourself to buy. Give yourself a cut off of 5, instead of stuffing your suitcase full of everything you come across. This will help you save money and ensure that your suitcase doesn’t go over the allowable baggage weight.

Ask Yourself What You Are Really Going to Use

Those oven mitts with the Japanese flag may be cute, but…are you really going to use them? Before you buy any souvenirs, take a moment to think about the item. Can you see this in your home? Do you think that you will realistically use it? If you can only envision the item sitting in the basement, don’t buy it. You want to bring things with you that will add to your life and help you remember the best parts of your vacation.

Don’t Bring Back Things for Every Person You’ve Ever Met

The thing with souvenir shopping is that it can be addictive. Once you’ve bought things for your nearest and dearest, it can be tempting to just keep on buying! What about your co-workers? Oh, and you can’t forget that friend you haven’t talked to in three years, right? The best way to buy smart is remember that you don’t need to buy something for everyone. Sometimes, just telling people about your trip is enough! Think about who you really need (and want) to bring things back for.

Look for Unique Pieces

Major tourist destinations are full of souvenir shops that carry different versions of the same things: t-shirts, ashtrays, snow globes, and so on. Instead of heading to the nearest shop, look around a bit. There are bound to be shops that offer unique pieces that will still commemorate your trip. So, instead of settling for the same old stuff, search for something different instead.

Souvenirs can be great. The key is to be smart about what you buy

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The Perks of Keeping a Travel Journal

No Comments 12 December 2013

Life is often busy and hectic. Sometimes we get so used to the fast-paced world around us, that we forget to take the time to reflect. The same can be said when we travel. Instead of rushing through the days, why not keep a travel journal? It may sound a little old school but it is a great way to really think about what you’re experiencing. Plus, once you return home, you’ll likely be glad to have your memories all written down to

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Why You Need a Phone while Overseas

No Comments 24 September 2013


If you talk to any seasoned traveller, chances are you’ll get a

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Trip Planning

No Comments 17 September 2013


Planning for a holiday can be a tricky venture. Regardless of if it’s your first time or you’re an old pro, each trip requires careful thought, planning and most of all

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When its time to call the trip over

No Comments 03 September 2013


Travelling is often some of the best times that people will ever have – they’re happy, they’re living lives of variety and excitement, and truly they are alive. Many a traveller has said, and meant, that they never want it to end, that they could do this forever. The truth is nothing lasts forever and eventually even what seems the greatest has to come to end or else it will lose its lustre. There are signs that show a traveler that perhaps it is starting to get closer to the time that they should consider packing it in. Some of those signs include.

When it isn’t fun meeting other travellers anymore

A tell tale sign that perhaps the trip has reached its ending stages is when the new travelers meet are not particularly stimulating to you anymore. You can search back into your mind when you first started traveling and it use to be SO interesting meeting all these people from different countries and asking them about what they are like. Now though it’s just annoying. In particular you are getting sick of answering the same questions about yourself. You realize that meeting all these new people is cool, but perhaps the relationships don’t have time to get deeper and you are starting to long for that.

When everything you see is starting to look the same

You have been traveling around in Europe and at first the castles and cities absolutely blew your mind. They were SO different than anything that you had ever seen before previous. Now though the trip has gone for years and that magic when you go to even new cities is not there. What once was so different has become the status quo. Now of course there is a way around this you could go to totally new continent, but even there perhaps until you return to your regular life for sometime it still won’t have the power it use to amaze and enthrall you.

When you realize that you have to get back to “real

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Taking a trip to heal a broken heart

No Comments 18 May 2013


A time honoured tactic of getting over a broken heart has always been to book a trip and get away from things for awhile. Really, I would say, especially at first, this really isn’t that bad of an idea, but it also has to be remembered that escaping is kind of a band aid to the pain not a cure. Eventually, the person will have to confront the pain they are feeling head on to get past it and until then they are at risk of possibly doing things they may regret. A couple thoughts about traveling with a broken heart include.

It could put you off balance 

Travel is always done best with a clear head. When you’re coming in to new situations around people you are just meeting being off balance actually might be a little dangerous. The problem with a person with a broken heart is that they usually are off balance, whether they admit it or not. People that are off balance tend to take risks, because they don’t care about the consequences. This means that bad things can happen, sexual transmitted diseases, injuries, and getting robbed. Though escape is good, with a raging broken heart it has to be weighed against the possible danger.

You might do things you will regret 

This point connects to the first; a person who is off balance might do things that they will regret. From my experience traveling I have seen people off balance, often because of a broken heart, become too promiscuous, for which they often sanctioned themselves very punitively, get in debt with no concern of the consequence… and the years they would have to cut down their fun to pay it off, and lastly put themselves in dangerous situations. Actions have consequences and if you`re so heartbroken you don’t care it`s very dangerous.

Escaping a feeling will not make it disappear 

Lastly, trying to escape a feeling will not make it disappear. Sometimes, often in the case of risk taking behavior, the person will say they are fine but externalize their feelings in dangerous behavior. The reality is that a person has to deal with their heart break over time, only then will it leave them. A trip may mask pain, but really is it the best idea? To venture forth as a travelers who has in the past taken a trip for this reason… I’d say no. Travel is best done with a clear mind not weighing issues.

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Explore the UK: England and Wales

No Comments 01 February 2013

It’s always amazing to talk to people who travel to the United Kingdom, consider themselves to have seen it all but have only set foot in London. Even people from London themselves are guilty of this offense, considering it to be the centre of the universe and the rest of the country paling in comparison to it as a pinnacle of civilization. These are the same people who use parking Heathrow to jet off to everywhere but within their own country

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Five Benefits of Teaching English Abroad

No Comments 21 January 2013

These days a popular way to travel and have a new life experience is to teach English abroad. Not only will the person doing this earn money, but they will be connecting themselves in a much deeper and meaningful way to the country they are teaching in. If you are considering teaching English abroad, or if you just want to revisit how this experience has made your life awesome check out this list. These are a few of the ways teaching English abroad will benefit you!


1) The training is quick and relatively painless
With 100 hours of course work you can obtain a TESL (teach English as a second language) certificate. These classes are numerous and can comport themselves to your schedule, whether you take them on the weekends or evenings. The classes start for around $500 US dollars and many schools will help you in the job hunt afterwards.

2) You are a Student in your own classroom
The truest reward of teaching English abroad is the cultural experience that you will be having each day. As you teach, you will be also learning about a foreign culture from your students. The students will be more than willing to offer tips about local places to eat, places to see, and things to try. This is how you can become truly immersed in a new culture in an authentic and exciting way.

3) Teaching English abroad is a crash course in cultural sensitivity
You will undoubtedly be thrown into a cultural situation that is so new and different that it very well might make you shake your head. However, given enough time you will come to understand the hows and whys of these cultural differences and not only come to accept and understand them, but also be able to apply the sensitivity you learned to other situations.

4) You will get an instant network of local acquaintances
Through teaching English in a country where people are interested in improving their English language skills people will want to talk to you. The fact that you will be in the same place for an extended period will undoubtedly allow you to develop a healthy network of acquaintances and friends. These locals will bring you into the culture deeper and show you local haunts and places that tourists would never see.

5) Travel is made easier with a home base
With an apartment to come back each time traveling is made that much simpler. Where ever you are in the world teaching English abroad there will be ample opportunities to take weekend trips, and longer trips during your school breaks. The county you are teaching in acts as a great launching point for nearby countries and places. You will have all the opportunity in the world to take advantage of this.

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The Different Variations of Traveling

No Comments 04 January 2013

While in layman’s terms you’re traveling somewhere when you have left the house and gotten into your car. For this blog though, we’re talking about taking a trip to a foreign country, then categorizing that trip a little more. I want to talk about the difference of a short trip to an extended trip and finally just moving to a different country long term. All three types of travel are rewarding in their own ways. I would call it enjoying travel in the sense of taking in a little of a lot or a lot of a little. Allow me to explain.


With a short trip, a person is just using their vacation time or perhaps a weekend to go to a different place for a short amount of time. Often in this scenario the trip will be to one place where they will stay. I suppose this kind of travel could be anything. For instance, I have been considering a short trip for a week to New York City this upcoming spring.

An extended trip is a little different, it involves going to a place for a long time but not establishing permanence with a job, study or place to live. A good example of this might be going to India for a 3 month trip to look around at as much as you can during that time. In these types of trips, a person has the chance as I noted about to look at a lot of a little. Meaning they will be changing cities and locales often and getting a little taste of each without truly breaking into what the place is. This type of travel is a lot of fun, involves frequent change and provides a great opportunity to meet loads of people.

The last type of travel is the most difficult, but perhaps the most rewarding, that is to move to a new country. When a person does this they have to make efforts to assimilate themselves into that society. Doing this type of travel is what I call seeing a lot of a little. When you live in a place long term that is when the proverbial onion skin will be peeled back and you will really get to understand how different cultures work. Specifically, you will meet international people in their own environment and come to see how they really are.

All three types of travel are great fun. Depending on time and money issues, I certainly hope that you will try one of the types if not more.

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