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Terms and Conditions
Naady Travel’s terms and conditions govern the use of this site. Please read them carefully. The website owner may change or update these terms at anytime without notice, so check them regularly.

Naady Travel attempts to monitor posts and remove any offensive or libelous statements made by third parties, but we are unable to monitor at all times.

All external links and hypertext links are provided for your convenience, but they are beyond the control of this website and Naady Travel is not responsible for their content. Use of any external or hypertext links and materials thereon provided are at your own risk.

Naady Travel strives to provide valid and up to date content, but will not be held responsible for it’s correctness.

Privacy statement
As a company, we strive to maintain a high level of privacy. Authorized company employees only use the collected information on a need to know basis and under no condition whatsoever is the information disclosed to any unauthorized party. We constantly evaluate or data and system to ensure that we are able to provide the best service to our clients. This is in line with set laws that prohibit unauthorized actions on computer systems and any form of data. In case there is any breach of the laid down laws, we will investigate the breach with a view of persecuting or instigating civil proceedings to as per the laid down laws.

Our company does not share, rent out or sell any information collected to third parties or use the e-mail address provided for unsolicited and inappropriate mail. Emails sent by our company are only in connection to the provision of products or services agreed on.

The information provided on our website is considered as being on a basis of `as is’. As pertains to the laws governing various aspects of our products and the website, the company:

Is excluded from all liability for any damage whatsoever that may arise through the use of this website, its content or any other products being advertised by affiliates and third party within this website. This includes any omissions or inaccuracies within this website or/and the company’s literature

Is excluded from liability of any damage that may arise in connection or out of usage of this website. This includes and is not limited to loss of profits or business (whether the loss was expected, arose during the course of your usage or there was a possibility of such a loss occurring and you had informed our company of the possibility), direct loss, computer damage when accessing the site, damage to computer software and programs, damage to data and any other indirect or direct, incidental or consequential damages. However, the company does not exclude liability for personal injury or death that might be brought about by its negligence. The above stated exclusions only apply to the extent that the law permits.

These website terms and conditions are factored in on the agreement between our company and client. Accessing our website indicates that you have read and accepted all this conditions. Your consumer rights will be unaffected.

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