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Sporades Islands to visit

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Lovely Skopelos is that the most inhabited island in the Sporades, and also the locals are determined to confirm that the island’s growing popularity as a tourer destination doesn’t destroy its natural beauty. That resolve was tested once the movie “Mamma Mia!” was recorded in Skopelos in 2008, exposing the island’s charms and attractions to a world audience. Despite the influx of new guests, Skopelos remains one amongst the prettiest islands in the Aegean, packed with stunning beaches, over 350 churches and an inviting array of cozy restaurants,simple taverns and small hotels. White-washed hillside homes decorated with painted trim add to the appeal of a holiday in sunny Skopelos.


The nearest of the Sporades islands to the Greek mainland, Skiathos is that the most accessible island for guests. With over fifty beaches and a large assortment of hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs, it’s the most popular vacation spot in the Sporades as well.  Most people come to Skiathos for the beaches, and there’s a stretch of sand sure to please each traveler. Southside beaches boast calm waters that build them good for swimming and water sports like kayaking and paddle boarding. The windswept shores on the north side of Skiathos offer a less crowded experience. Reachable only by boat, the northern beach of Lalaria is near to several beautiful sea caves well worth exploring.

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Most Beautiful Sporades Islands

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Legend has it that the gods created the Sporades Islands by agitated coloured pebbles into the Aegean Sea. The myth is mirrored within the name Sporades, which suggests “the scattered ones,” and within the colours of their abundant green hills, sapphire blue waters and sandy beaches. Set off the East Coast of Greece, the Sporades archipelago includes four for good populated islands,each providing guests a unique travel experience. From bustling Skiathos with its attractive beaches and active nightlife to the picturesque landscapes of remote Skyros, the Sporades have some thing special to offer each traveler in search of a unforgettable island vacation.




Less developed than different islands n the Sporades archipelago, Alonissos boasts an array of natural attractions, and there’s an extensive trail system that invites exploration too. As the center of a National Marine Park, the protected waters around Alonissos are crystal clear. The pebbled beach of Megali Ammos is nice for swimming, and though it’s set near the island’s main port Patitiri, guests usually have the beach all to themselves. With exhibits that display the island’s domestic culture, the Traditional House Museum of Alonissos in Patitiri is worth a visit, and admission is free. Excursion boats on the island offer trips to nearby islets, including Kyra Panagia, home to a recently restored 10th-century monastery.



The south island in the Sporades and therefore the largest, Skyros could be a study of contradictions. Its central location in the Aegean created the island a lovely naval base for a long line of civilizations but the Skyrians themselves rarely took to the sea. Whereas there are over three hundred churches on the island, most are in private owned . Though the island has several lovely beaches, it lacks the grand accommodations offered on different Greek isles. Even the island’s landscapes are an incongruous mixture of rocky mountains, forests and farm lands. With a castle that dates back to the 13th century, a Bronze Age settlement, a Byzantine monastery and a Venetian dungeon, exploring the island’s diverse and unique cultural history is part of the fun of a visit to Skyros.

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