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Different Things to do in Buenos Aires

No Comments 14 November 2013

Buenos Aires, Argentina is definitely one of the most beautiful and storied locations in South America. Called the Paris of the South, it is a city with wonderful architecture and a charming city feel that is encapsulated in its city squares, restaurants, and cafes. Visitors to Buenos Aires are always treated to a combination of historic sites to visit, great art galleries and museums, and the fantastic Argentine nature that surrounds the city. Regardless of your personality type and personal interests there will always be things for you to do in Buenos Aires.


Palermo | Buenos Aires, Argentina

The most vibrant section of Buenos Aires is most definitely the Palermo district. This section of town is broken into three distinct parts – Alto Palermo, Palermo Chico, and Palermo Viejo – each provide tourists and locals alike with varied diversion. Palermo Chico is perhaps the quaintest of three parts and is filled with extravagant mansions that are tucked away behind the Museum of Latin America Art of Buenos Aires. Alto Palermo is known for different museums and well maintained urban parks such as the Carlos Thays Botanical Garden. Palermo Viejo is the party place of the Palmero district with the most local flair and colour as it is filled with bustling cafes, high end boutiques, and fun bars. Viejo extends far into the district and also includes outdoor markets and great tapas bars. Many travelers to Buenos Aires choose Palmero to stay in as it has easy access to public transport not to mention the districts own bustling selection of diversions.

Fair of the Mataderos

Avenida Lisandro de la Torre | Buenos Aires

A uniquely Argentinean tradition is watching the guachoes down at Fería De Mataderos fair. Guachoes are a South American incarnation of the cowboy and this part of the city showcases them at their romanticized best. Wandering through this marketplace will allow you to mingle between colourful vendors selling foods and crafts as well as the guachos sauntering around on majestic horses. Of interest is watching the guachos compete against one another in competitions of skills. Visitors can even sign up for guacho classes to learn some of these Argentinean skills themselves. This area has no shortage of great food as a tasty steak sandwich as well as a glass of wonderful local wine comes highly recommended. One thing that is wonderful about this fair is that it is organized for locals, not for tourist, so it is a great chance to soak in some authentic Argentinean culture. The festival takes place each Sunday from 11 am to 8 pm.

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Why Amsterdam Really isn’t that Great of a Party City

No Comments 04 January 2013

Just looking over different web sites for ideas for content doing my new job as a travel blogger and I keep seeing Amsterdam come up again and again in lists of the world’s top party cities. Having lived there for two years I have to disagree with these lists. Amsterdam does have a few good clubs and of course it does have the red light district and the coffee shops, but the reality is that the city is not very big. With less than a million people if you want to party on Tuesday night

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