5 Activity Holidays Worth Your Energy in 2014

5 Activity Holidays Worth Your Energy in 2014


A luxury African safari takes you to the most exciting wild destinations in the world where you can witness nature at its primordial peak. When it comes to an Africa you will be spoilt for choice, each destination is unique and interesting. The most common destinations in East Africa are Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. In the southern you have South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe.  Kenya is unique as it gives you variety from the snow capped Mt Kenya to the Great Rift Valley and the Savannah grasslands the wilderness is your playground. Tanzania is famed for its Serengeti plains whilst the southern countries give you exceptional game viewing.


The Costa Rican Coast is home to four different kinds of sea turtles which unfortunately face the danger of extinction if they are not protected. The turtles normally nest on the sandy beaches and their eggs may be destroyed if there is no action taken to protect them. The work of the Sea Turtle Conservation is to ensure that the nesting areas are well protected until the eggs hatch and also ensuring that the hatchlings are led safely to the sea. Some percentage of the eggs are collected and taken to the hatcheries, once they hatch they are also led to the sea. If you wish to volunteer with turtles then you will be assisting in the whole process whilst enjoying the pristine sandy beaches.


The Atlas Ranges in Morocco are the highest in North Africa and have varied terrains which are ideal for adventure seekers.  The High Atlas ranges are normally very wild and off the beaten track but for the very determined conquering the wilderness is very rewarding. The other routes which are less challenging and ideal for families take you through quaint mountain villages and reward you with magnificent views of the valleys below.


Golf holidays in France are popular especially amongst Britons, this is due to the proximity of France and Britain and the huge number of fine courses littered all over the country. It boasts of some of the best courses in the continent, fine weather and the culinary rewards after an exhilarating game of golf.

France is also accessible via Eurotunnel and has a variety of serene locations for golfing, the most popular is Le Touquet which is less than an hour from Calais and is also great for winter golf. Other courses of interest include Deauville in Normandy, Saint-Malo in Northern Brittany and the Golf National near Paris.


If you have been impressed by the famed French gastronomy field, it is time to take the knowledge back to your kitchen by taking cooking classes in France. In places like Normandy and Bordeaux you can learn about preparing traditional French cuisines as well as be a wine connoisseur by learning the art of wine tasting. A cooking holiday gives you the pleasure of preparing fine meals for yourself, family and friends and it is rewarding intriguing their taste buds with the best.

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