Travel Tips

  Taking picture is a wonderful way to connect to a place. Some people say it takes you away from actually interacting with the place, but that’s only the case if you take 3,000 pictures in a week. Having a day for picture taking in a new city can give you a great opportunity to really capture the city and […]

Ways to Save Money for Travel

  Sometimes the biggest road block for going traveling is actually saving the money that you will need to do it. The tough part to hear is that there is no really easy way to do it… in order to save you will need to cut back on day to day extras that are generally seen as “fun

Some Useful Travel Tips

Travelling is undeniably one of the most effective ways to relax, unwind, and momentarily forget the stressful workplace. If you wish to travel around a foreign land though, you would have to plan ahead of time; and make sure that everything would be in place months before your holiday break. Here are some of the things you might want to […]

Becoming a Traveler

The first, and most important step of being a traveler, is that you have to just do it. I’m not sure about you, but I have heard a lot of people talk about doing things, often several months in the future, passionately like it was as a sure thing to happen. Then as the time they spoke of drew ever […]

Live Music Venues in Glasgow

Glasgow is a city known for having a definite edginess to it. The Scots have long produced many great bands known for their pent up aggressive performing styles. If you’re in Glasgow perhaps a way that you might like to spend a bit of your time is to take in one of these concerts. Below is a listing of five […]

Forget Skiing

For many winter sport enthusiasts, skiing is the only true pursuit one can enjoy and it is every bit about the culture and activities surrounding it as it is about the actual sport. Even when it comes to the Winter Olympics, there are many who view the ski events as the ‘real

Reasons to Travel with Friends

A deeply held travel question is whether to do it on your own or with friends that you care about. Of course there are positions both ways. Having been a traveler myself, I can say that I have tried them both and see the positives for each. In this post I would like to further explore some of the benefits […]

When to Stay in Contact with a Travel Buddy

So you’re in a hostel and you have met some interesting people from another country. Things are visceral and real since you are enjoying a unique experience with each other. It seems so exotic in that moment that you pull out that pen to jot down your Facebook details. Fast forward, 4 years and three months later events in that […]