Ersum Knights Abbey

Have you ever wondered to yourself what would it have been like to live in medieval times when life was ruled by the glimmer of steel and the might of a sword? If you have the annual knights market at Esrum Abbey near Copenhagen in Denmark June of each year will afford you the opportunity. All the aspects of medieval life are represented as visitors get a taste of the old ways. Colourful flags will be flown, jousting tournaments will be held, and the clang of metal smiths will be heard as activities are available for all the family to take part in. These spectacles will be set to the back drop of an old abbey and small medieval town brought to life by more than 400 actors recreating it with stunning authenticity.


The town market place is filled with a variety of entertainment and commerce of the medieval persuasion. Singers, jugglers, and musicians all display their talents to the delight of passersby. Nearby stalls and merchants will peddle their varied wares: leather goods, mead, and jewellery will be available for sale. This will be combined with visitors being able to take part in competitions of strength such as lifting stones and team battering ram charges.

All this town activity will be offset by the nearby Esrum Abbey a Cistercian abbey founded in 1151. Pristinely preserved and picturesque the inside of the abbey has a bounty of treasures to see. Nature lovers should also take time for beautiful walks in the abbey garden and surrounding courtyard. The animal and plant sanctuary of Esrum Møllegård is also recommended. Also inside the abbey grounds is the knight’s town of Jonoborg where children can have the experience of dressing up and pretending to be knights.

When the days have worn you out a little there are plenty of opportunities to eat and drink around the festival. Look to the market to find medieval style foods. Or, if you don’t want to step back so far in time to fill your stomach modern foods will also be available. Inside the abbey one can also find two restaurants as well: the family-friendly Café Daniels Kilde and Broder Rus

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