Even More Things to do in London

Even More Things to do in London


With parks, ancient castles and monuments, and the always pulsating and cosmopolitan streets of the city there are nearly limitless options for how to spend your time in London. Of course, in a world of limitless options, some help is handy in order push visitors towards some of the most acclaimed activities the city has to offer. Even a few more things that you could do in the city of London include.

The Tate Modern 

The Tate Modern is the world’s most visited modern art gallery. Situated in Bankside along the Thames and a nice walk along South Bank the Tate Modern is housed in a former power plant and is filled with art ranging from the turn of the century until present day. Just to name a few Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali and Picasso amongst many British artists are all represented inside the mammoth four level museum. Rather than grouped by artists the works are collected together by theme meaning you may need to hunt a little to find the works of some of the modern masters.  Perhaps not for all tastes the Tate Modern will be appreciated more by people who already have an interest in modern art. Of note the very building itself could be considered an entry of modern art too. The gallery is open Sunday through Thursday from 10 am to 6 pm and Friday 10 am to 10 pm.

Shakespeare Globe Theater 

The Globe Theater is a replica of the early 16th century theatre that William Shakespeare had used to perform his plays in. Seeing the comedies of Shakespeare in the Globe Theatre will allow you to see these plays as they originally had been intended. Seats are sold as standing room only and bench seating, on uncomfortable wooden benches that a pillow can be rented to use. There is also the opportunity to learn about Shakespeare and 16th century London by seeing the Globe Exhibition & Tour. The Exhibition tour is open from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. with tour starting every half hour with tour costing 13.50 GBP each for adults.

The London Eye 

The London eye is the massive Ferris wheel created at the turn of the millennium. It circles slowly providing a fantastic, birds eye view out over the city from London’s South Bank. Though a great experience and something many travelers say is worth doing at least once other also feel that the steep ticket prices and the long lines detract from the experience. The standard fare for the London Eye is 17 GBP.

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