Free Things to in Oslo

Oslo by every ones account is a pretty expensive place. Items like a can of coke can range up to $4 dollars US. With that in mind travelers always have their ears perked for finding low cost and even free things to do in the city. Now everyone knows that walking around and soaking in a city is always free. (save a coffee and a little something to eat) Once your feet have gotten worn out here are a few more options for low cost things to do in the city of Oslo.


The Changing of the Guard
Each day the Oslo’s Royal Palace you can witness the changing of the guard ceremony for free. A good viewing location is from Johan’s Gate. The change takes about 30 minutes and is full of the type of ceremony you would expect for an event like this. In the summer months mounted police officers and a military marching band lead the guards through the streets of Oslo from Akerhus Fortress to the palace.

Oslo’s Free Parks
Oslo is graced with several beautiful parks. Take advantage of seeing them and some of the great statues and monuments they have a few of the top parks include.
Vigeland Park : This park is filled with life works of famous Norweigan sculpture Gustav Vigeland. More than 200 of his master pieces are on display here.
Slottsparken : This is the Royal palace park and a great spot where visitors can witness the change of the guard.
Botanisk Hage Gardens & Museum: A beautifully tended garden near the University of Oslo that often has students and locals sitting around enjoying a warm Oslo day.

Free Skating
Now wouldn’t you like to strap on some skates in a winter wonder land like Oslo? The chance is there with two rinks in the city that offer free skating. If you don’t have skates they can be rented for a low fee.

The Oslo Pass
A suggestion for tourists to the city is to purchase an Oslo pass which offers free admission to over 30 museums and free public transport around the city. With the purchase of a car a free lunch cruise is offered as well as further discounts on shopping, sights, and dining.

A free day at a Beach in Oslo
Oslo’s Bygdøy peninsula is home to a few beautiful beaches near the city. The top beaches include Huk beach and Paradisbukta, which literally translates to Paradise Bay. Be advised, or tantalized…, that Huk beach actually is clothing optional.

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