Getting a Perfect Makeup Artist Using a Location Based Mobile App

Well, let’s face this, it isn’t really easy to get a perfect makeup artist, in any case, the best you come up with is – someone who has been doing the job for years, but you can’t vouch for their competence. It is perhaps the only bet you have, and you pray that it works out well, but what if it doesn’t?

Sometimes, a makeup artist may not turn up on time, or sometime they may have crunch in terms of time or bookings, that would ruin your plans to pamper yourself. Calling up directory service or asking for references just wouldn’t do! Even if they did, it is far from a permanent solution – but there’s one answer to it – UrbanClap.


UrbanClap is in news for quite some time now, because of the way it delivers quality professional services, including makeup artists. It wasn’t so easy before, often it was a difficult task, and getting ideal artist was even more difficult. Here’s what a makeup artist do

  • Special Effects
  • Theatrical
  • Prosthetics
  • High Fashion
  • Airbrushing
  • Light Bending
  • High Definition

Besides all this, they put in hours of their time if needed to ensure that you look staggering for any event, a makeup artist may suggest something based on their understanding on the best makeup for the event you specify, may it be wedding, corporate party or just any other event.

Some artists have their own studio, while others work independently, you can find both on UrbanClap, moreover in these cases, reputation, and user ratings are important too, UrbanClap covers that exceptionally well.

Unlike many other professionals, certifications really do not matter that much, because this job is creative, so a makeup artist must have good creativity and passion for the job.

Steps to follow while hiring makeup artists

  1. Ask questions – No question is stupid, even in case of getting professionals, since you are going to trust them with your makeup, they shouldn’t hesitate to answer all those questions.
  2. Insist on sample or ask how questions – Like what do you think should be an ideal wedding makeup for Punjabi weddings etc. watch out the delivery of answers. The artist has to be confident with answers, and they should be satisfactory.
  3. Ask about tools that they use – Remember while makeup is an art, every serious makeup artist will have enough tools to do any sort of makeup.
  4. Be clear about events and follow ups – Important, yet often ignored, ensure that they understand your requirements, so that there are no goof ups that can otherwise prove costly. Remember the only reason why human do makeups is because of their superior sense of judgment.
  5. Go through their portfolio – Ofcourse if they have one. With that being said, some newbies are wonderful artists too, it all depends on your comfort level. If you are satisfied with what they say, then go for it. Believe in your sense of judgment.

The field was once unorganized and marred with many problems, which were almost obliterated with the advent of UrbanClap.

UrbanClap reviews are pretty favorable, and gives one an idea of where the app is heading to. So far they have added a lot of services, and gave them level playing field to help them grow their services. The app has unwavering commitment to neutrality, and that is a blessing.

The app has got coverage even in Forbes, and many other media outlets. Lead by a bunch of IITians, it is truly changing the rules of the game, by introducing best professionals at the most competitive rates.

You can always reach out to UrbanClap by visiting UrbanClap contact us page with any additional questions that you may have.


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