My top travel destinations in Europe

I’ve been around a lot of Europe and had the chance to live in a few of its amazing cities over a five year period. In this blog, I’m going to talk about a few of the places that I personally would recommend anyone traveling to as they resonated personally with me. Europe is a wide and diverse place, literally transforming every 50 or so kilometers into something new. Below are a few of the places that if you are considering a trip are cities to visit.



The French truly are lovers of art, culture and sophistication and Paris is the epitome of this pathos. Never was there a city that I enjoyed so much by simply getting lost in the streets. Narrow streets open up to beautiful squares, every direction you turn there is a quaint little cafe, and the stylish people of the city are everywhere showing off that Paris look. Seeing the Champs-Élysées, Montmartre, the Eiffel tower, or just walking along the River Seine… people never run out of things to do.


Now the first thing that you might think is that I suggest Amsterdam because of the vices of the city, this is not true. Amsterdam is truly one of the most architecturally different and beautiful cities of Europe. Made up of thousands of canals, the city is in effect separated into hundreds of little islands. With masters like Rembrandt and Van Gogh originating from the Netherlands there is also an amazing art scene to check out. Naturally too, you don’t go to Amsterdam without wandering into one of its famous coffee shops to check out some of the local wears.


Barcelona city holidays are special because the city has a combination of art, architecture, beach, and nightlife. Whether you are going to museums dedicated to masters such as Picasso or the Salvador Dali, or seeing the architecture of Gaudi art is everywhere. Las Rambles streets thrives each night pushing people into bars, tapas restaurants and cafes. The beach is just a short walk away, so you can soak in some of the Spanish sun. Everyone loves Barcelona!


Vienna is a centre of old world elegance and is a centre of older art forms like opera, classical music, and theatre. The Schoenbrunn, a castle in the same style as Versailles in France, is only one component of the great architecture. There is an entire district of museums and theatres. Not only embracing older forms of fun, Vienna is also thoroughly modern city for shopping, restaurants and night life.

The list could go on, but there are a few places that you might enjoy in the diverse continent of Europe.

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