Portugal Travel Guide

Portugal Travel Guide

Once a important contributor to the New World Discovery Age, Portugal could be a land of discovery itself wherever dramatic scenery unfolds to reveal medieval castles, best golf courses, golden-sand beaches, cobble villages dominated by lovely churches, and charming cities pulsing in made culture, fabulous food and noisy nightlife.

Located on the western coast of the Iberian peninsula in southern Europe, Portugal is one among the continent’s most visited countries owing to its idyllic climate, cheap travel prices and exceptional attractions.

What to See & Do

Important destinations in Portugal embrace the nation’s capital, Lisbon, a town packing lovely historic design, one among Europe’s largest tank, delicious culinary art and distinctive fado music.metropolis is clearly illustrious for its port. The picturesque canals and bridges of Aveiro consider it to Venice whereas Obidos is favored for its romantic beauty and therefore the premier golf advanced, Praia D’el Rey. Sintra boasts a fantastical castle, Pena’s Palace, whereas each Coimbra and Evora harbor troves of historic treasures.

Portugal’s varied geographics ranges from the abundant mountains and vineyards of the North to the rolling farmland and medieval villages of the Central region to the glamourous beaches of the Algarveon the southern outline. additionally happiness to Portugal however lying within the Atlantic are the archipelagos of Azores and Madeira, best-known for his or her lush landscapes and flower gardens.

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