Searching For The Perfect Family Holiday Destination

Searching For The Perfect Family Holiday Destination

Finding the perfect holiday destination for the whole family can be a daunting task because each member of the family is thrilled by different locations. Below are some of our favourite spots which can satisfy everyone’s needs and desires…


The UK is also a great destination to travel with family; it has a wide array of attractions ranging from ancient castles, exceptional countryside and marvelous cities. However trying to enjoy all the attractions with a family may cause a huge dent in your wallet. Stay in large group accommodations; make use of visitor passes which may allow you free or discounted entrance rates for major attractions and buy a BritRail Pass if you want to traverse the UK cheaply and faster.

Some of the most popular family destinations are in the South. Devon family holidays are a popular choice, whilst others head to Cornwall to enjoy the coast and some fun on the beach. The north still has a lot of appeal to though, with the hills of Yorkshire attracting many families each year. With the county hosting the start of the Tour de France this year, its appeal is bigger than ever.


Everybody has got to fall in love with France, there is a lot for the whole family to enjoy from special gastronomic experiences to its wealth of divine historic attractions to the symbol that is France; the magnificent Eiffel tower. For a budget option, camping holidays in France are extremely popular and there is a plethora of places to choose from in beautiful surroundings where you and the family can get by on a shoestring.

For beach lovers Normandy and Pountou Charente’s will quench your thirst for beaches with plenty of stretches of golden sand; to fulfill historic curiosity the Loire valley is ideal and the city of Paris will create some of the best memories for your family with its unending delights from Disneyland Paris to the amazing Eiffel Tower.


Morocco is largely family oriented and children are treated as an important part of Moroccans, the culture does not intimidate or exclude children. When visiting this North African country with family it is advisable to stay in riads as they are much more family friendly. If you are using family transport to get from one location to the next, it is both challenging and rewarding in that young children who can sit comfortably on your laps are not charged at all.


Cyprus is bound to be fun for your family due to its welcoming sandy beaches and the sun. It is also fun to enjoy Cypriot cooking but when in Cyprus do as Cypriots do; therefore, when eating out in Cyprus seek out the tavernas which the locals go to as you are likely to enjoy real Cypriot cooking with fresh local ingredients at great values.

In Cyprus you will also find out that staying in villas rather than hotels is better as they are spacious and cost less per person, especially if you are blessed with a large family. You’ll then have plenty of space to spread out into rather than being confined by the size of a hotel room. Family holidays in Cyprus will always be popular, and they deliver now more than ever.


It is quite hard to choose a family holiday in Greece due to the thousands of islands that represent Greece. There are famous islands such as Corfu, Rhodes, Cyprus and even Crete. Try to choose some of the lesser visited islands such as Lesbos and many more which will offer serenity and fun to your family.


Bahia is the most glamorous state in Brazil; it is characterized by a strip of fishing villages, spectacular beaches some do not even appear on the maps and deserted islands that you have probably never heard of. The secret to great family deals is also venturing off into the lesser known places such as Bahia in Brazil.

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