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How to Souvenir Shop The Smart Way

How to Souvenir Shop The Smart Way

How many times have you gotten a cheesy t-shirt or shot glass from a country you’ve never visited? And how many times have you brought back those same items for your loved ones? Souvenir shopping is undoubtedly a part of the travelling experience. It is also an easy way to spend a lot of money on things you don’t really need. If you’re tired of over spending on trinkets, here are ways to souvenir shop the smart way!

Give Yourself a Budget

The best way to avoid over spending is to give yourself a budget before your vacation even starts. How much are you willing to spend on shopping, novelty gifts, and other souvenir purchases? It’s important to be realistic with your budget. However, it is equally important not to allow yourself an enormous budget for shopping. The result will be an awful lot of cheesy tourist memorabilia that will sit on your shelf for the next five years.

Limit the Number of Novelty Purchases

Buying a nice sweater is one thing. Buying a stack of fridge magnets is quite another! If you’re shopping on your trip, you’ll need to limit the number of novelty items you allow yourself to buy. Give yourself a cut off of 5, instead of stuffing your suitcase full of everything you come across. This will help you save money and ensure that your suitcase doesn’t go over the allowable baggage weight.

Ask Yourself What You Are Really Going to Use

Those oven mitts with the Japanese flag may be cute, but…are you really going to use them? Before you buy any souvenirs, take a moment to think about the item. Can you see this in your home? Do you think that you will realistically use it? If you can only envision the item sitting in the basement, don’t buy it. You want to bring things with you that will add to your life and help you remember the best parts of your vacation.

Don’t Bring Back Things for Every Person You’ve Ever Met

The thing with souvenir shopping is that it can be addictive. Once you’ve bought things for your nearest and dearest, it can be tempting to just keep on buying! What about your co-workers? Oh, and you can’t forget that friend you haven’t talked to in three years, right? The best way to buy smart is remember that you don’t need to buy something for everyone. Sometimes, just telling people about your trip is enough! Think about who you really need (and want) to bring things back for.

Look for Unique Pieces

Major tourist destinations are full of souvenir shops that carry different versions of the same things: t-shirts, ashtrays, snow globes, and so on. Instead of heading to the nearest shop, look around a bit. There are bound to be shops that offer unique pieces that will still commemorate your trip. So, instead of settling for the same old stuff, search for something different instead.

Souvenirs can be great. The key is to be smart about what you buy

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