Thing that you can do in South Africa

You have traveled to South Africa in the pursuit of adventure, amusement and just good old fun! Don’t worry – your choice has been a good one. There are many different things to do here, many of which connect to the unique geography and wild life prevalent there in the continent of Africa.  A few ideas for things that you can do during your trip are:


Swim with Penguins
Boulder beach, near to Cape Town, has a large population of African penguins. Slightly separated from the main penguin population is Foxy Beach. Don’t be surprised however if penguins are willing to forgo fences and come right over to where you are. A boardwalk has been built around the penguin colony so you can get a great look at what is going on.

Take a Hiking Trip around the Wild Coast
Fraught with amazing natural wonders such as isolated beaches, waterfalls, and unaltered forests and rivers the Wild Coast is one of the most beautiful coastlines on earth. Take the opportunity as well to mix with locals living along the coast such as the Xhosa and amaPondo tribes.

Surf or Learn to Surf in South Africa
There can be little surprise that South Africa, with its amazing beaches and coastlines, produces some of the world’s best surfers. With so many points and bays that provide great surf one of the great experiences of coming to South Africa is to get on a surf board yourself. One of the nation’s premier surf spots is Cape Peninsula, which enjoys warm weather year round and great breaks. Do a little research online and find more amazing surf locales all around South Africa.

Ride an Ostrich
Not for the faint of heart South Africa affords the opportunity to try to ride this non flying bird. Situated in Oudsthoorn there are farms that raise ostriches. Take a class to learn how to ride one, but be prepared to fall off. The region also boosts professional ostrich races. If the bird gets the best of you exact your own revenge by eating one of its relatives the ostrich biltong

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