Things to do in London

Things to do in London


London is a city with things to do from everyone. An ancient and storied city, there are numerous attractions that cater to history buffs like Tower Bridge, the parliament buildings, and Buckingham Palace. Not just a place for people to seek out history there are also a variety of other pursuits mainly connected to wandering the city and indulging in its fantastic pub culture. London is only limited in things to do by the person’s imagination visiting it. With that said however, some of the most popular things to do in London include.

British Museum 

A great thing about London is that museums are free. The top Museum that visitors should take advantage for this freebie is the British Museum which houses one of the finest collections of antiques in the world. A few of the antiques in the Museum include the Rosetta Stone, the Elgin Marbles, and the Lindow “Bog Man.

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