Top 7 Asian Cruises for 2013

Top 7 Asian Cruises for 2013

Holidaymakers have the choice of many different cruises leaving from Perth and sailing to Asia. The number of stops at ports along the way varies with individual cruises and with the time frame of the journey.

12 Night Oriental Cruise to Singapore

This cruise makes stops at Bali, Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Langkawi along the Phuket and finally arriving at Singapore. Guests might take an elephant safari in Bali, visit the immense bird park in Kuala Lumpur or stroll through the Galleria Perdana museum in Langkawi. While in Phuket, passengers often travel to the mystical Phang Nga Bay, which features hundreds of unusually shaped, vegetation covered islands in a secluded region.

14 Night Cruise from Perth to Singapore

Stopovers on this two-week holiday include Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City and Singapore. Highlights of Bangkok might include a tour of the royal Grand Palace & Wat Prakeaw. Constructed over 150 years ago, the site serves as home to the Thai royalty. The many pagodas located throughout the Ho Chi Minh City offer the chance to witness centuries of craftsmanship. When in Singapore, take the time to tour the Esplanade. The massive modern complex features different theaters and a mall.

19 Night Cruise from Perth to Singapore

Spend a little over two weeks seeing Bali, Singapore and Sri Lanka in addition to Mumbai, Muscat and Dubai. Sri Lanka has many historic attractions. Wander about the ancient city of Polonnaruwa, constructed in the 10th century. Highlights of Mumbai might include touring the world famous Taj Mahal. Many know Dubai as a shopping mecca. Tour the gold markets and see an array of awe-inspiring jewelry.

24 Nights from Perth to China

Besides stopping in Sydney and Darwin, this cruise sails to Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing for 10 cities in total. The many interesting sights in Hong Kong include the fascinating Night Street Market that offers all types of products and foodstuffs, but additionally features live street performances. Walk down Old Street in Shanghai and witness the city’s history through the many buildings constructed from the 1600s to the early 1900s.

24 Nights from Perth to Hong Kong

This nine-city cruise includes the cities of Cairns, Hiroshima, Shanghai and Hong Kong. When in Hiroshima, visit the traditional Japanese gardens known as Shukkeien. The tranquil setting includes over 200 species of roses. The Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery remain popular attractions in Hong Kong.

26 Nights from Perth to Singapore

Lombok, Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City along with Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Bali are some of the many stopovers made on this extended cruise. See the rice paddies and tobacco fields in Lombok while hiking to waterfalls and tropical forests. Visit the Tropical Spice Garden in Penang and explore eight acres of lush landscape that houses over 500 species of plants.

38 Night Cruise from Perth to Europe-Asia-Middle East-Africa

For over one month, passengers enjoy time at sea while stopping at over nine destinations that include Bali, Singapore and Colombo in addition to Mumbai, Dubai, Sharm El Sheikh and Palma. In Colombo, passengers have the chance take a camel ride on the beach in Sharm El Sheikh or tour the 14th century Bellver Castle in Palma.

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