Top Places To Visit In Silchar

Top Places To Visit In Silchar

How would you like to combine enjoying the pleasures nature has bestowed on a place and the display of skills of the ancient people on your holiday tour? How would you feel towards exploring the ancient glory of a place, which would be a great experience considering the path mankind has crossed to reach this stage? Silchar in Assam offers you a unique experience blending all these and more.Silchar, the headquarters of Cachar district in Assam is the state’s second largest city. Located on the banks of River Barak, Silchar attracts tourists in great numbers thanks to its natural beauty, rich and diversified culture and better infrastructure. Given below are the top places to visit in Silchar, which are to be visited to grasp the essence of the town.



Maibong was the old capital when the kingdom was ruled by Kachari rulers between 16th and 18th centuries. Situated at an altitude of 355 meters, Maibong attracts tourist in great numbers with its spectacular landscape and ancient architecture. Stone carvings, sculptures and ruins of ancient kingdom stand proof of the architectural excellence possessed by the people of the land. Ramchandi Temple is a famous tourist spot in Maibong. The inscription in the temple dates back to 1761 AD.


Hajo is not only an ancient place but it is also a fine representation of integration. In the land where people follow different faiths, it is essential to maintain harmony and integration. Hajo has holy shrines that represent three religions namely Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism. Hajo is located on Brahmaputra River banks. The most renowned temple in the land is the Hayagriva Madhava Mandir, which is on Monikut Hill. It is believed to belong to 6th century. Since the temple represents both Hinduism and Buddhism, it is considered a holy site by followers of both faiths. Hajo Powa Mecca in Hajo is a pilgrimage centre for followers of Islam. Since it is believed that soil from Mecca was used in the construction of Hajo Powa Mecca, it is considered a holy site. It is located on Garurachal Hill.


To attempt to understand the rich cultural past of Assam, you need to visit Khaspur, which is 20 km away from Silchar. Khaspur was Kachari Kings’ capital. Constructed in 1690 AD, Khaspur of today holds the ruins of ancient times to highlight the historical significance of the place. Among the ruins, you will find The Sun Gate and The Lion Gate to attract tourists from all over.


Popularly referred to as ‘The valley of death for birds’, Jatinga is a scenic village situated south of Haflong. The valley in which Jatinga is located is famous for orange orchids. Migratory birds visit this place in great numbers. A strange phenomenon associated to this site is the death of birds, which was the reason behind the village being called the death valley for birds. While some opined that the birds were killed, some believed that they committed suicide, which is strange in birds. After thorough studies, experts feel that widespread fog causes disorientation at such high altitudes resulting in bird deaths. It is also said that birds are attracted to searchlights turned on by the locals and as the birds come flying towards lights, they are hit by bamboo poles. Some of the species attracted to such light sources leading to death include tiger bittern, little egret, kingfishers and Indian pitta.


Umrangshu, a scenic hill station is a very popular tourist spot. Located in the spectacular North Cacher Hill region, Umrangshu spellbinds you with its beauty. Nature in its true form can be experienced here. Yet another famous tourist spot named Garampani is located 7 km away from Umrangshu. Garampani is a hot spring, which is considered to have medicinal properties. The pleasant weather and the picturesque landscape invite you and thanks to the well-developed roads, accessing the place is easy.

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