Traditional Irish Foods You’ve Got to Try

Traditional Irish Foods You’ve Got to Try

One of the coolest things about visiting different places in the world is trying out the local cuisine. You may not love all of it, but it’s certainly an experience to give it a try! If you’ve ever been to Ireland, you already know that there are so many traditional Irish foods to sample. Get your stretchy pants ready! Here are some delicious Irish dishes you’ll want to try.


If you’ve never heard of Coddle, you’ll want to! This classic Irish dish is usually associated with Dublin, the capitol of Ireland. It has layers of sliced pork, sausages, potatoes, and onions all in one. It can also include barley. When the weather outside is chilly, this is one meal that will warm you up right!


What could be more delicious than one of Irelands most popular foods, Colcannon? This dish combines kale and potatoes together to create something totally delicious. The potatoes are mashed and then mixed with either milk or cream. The kale adds just the right hint of texture! This is a great side dish to enjoy while you’re visiting.

Corned Beef

Want a delicious sandwich at a local restaurant? Then you’ve got to try the corned beef with a little mustard on top. This type of meat is salt-cured, which became popular during the food rationing during the Second World War. It’s still popular throughout England and Ireland, though!

Irish Stew

If you’re visiting Ireland, there is one dish you simply have to try: Irish Stew. This traditional meal is made up of potatoes, onions, and mutton. It may also have carrots or other vegetables. The mutton in the stew gives this a much stronger flavour than some of the other Irish foods, so be prepared!

Soda Bread

Tired of the same old bread? You won’t have to worry about that if you give soda bread a try. It’s not your typical load of bread. No, this food is made from using a bicarbonate of soda and buttermilk. The reaction between the ingredients causes air bubbles to form inside of the bread. The result? Amazing flavour and even better texture! Add on some Irish butter and this is the perfect add on to any meal that you eat while you’re in Ireland.

Cashel Blue

If you love strong cheeses, you’ve got to try cashel blue. This blue cheese is native to Ireland, so even if you’re tried it elsewhere, you’ve simply got to have some on your trip. Have some with crackers or a piece of bread. The quality and flavour are unforgettable!


Okay, so Guinness isn’t technically a food. However, this is one part of Irish tradition that you’ve got to partake in when you visit. The taste is supposed to be far superior to the Guinness that you’ve tried at home. Have a pint with your meal and enjoy the unique combination of tastes. If Guinness isn’t your thing, you may want to try an Irish whiskey instead.

Meat, bread, and potatoes are some of the most common ingredients used in traditional Irish foods. Be sure to try some of these dishes to get the full Irish experience!

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