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When its time to call the trip over

When its time to call the trip over


Travelling is often some of the best times that people will ever have – they’re happy, they’re living lives of variety and excitement, and truly they are alive. Many a traveller has said, and meant, that they never want it to end, that they could do this forever. The truth is nothing lasts forever and eventually even what seems the greatest has to come to end or else it will lose its lustre. There are signs that show a traveler that perhaps it is starting to get closer to the time that they should consider packing it in. Some of those signs include.

When it isn’t fun meeting other travellers anymore

A tell tale sign that perhaps the trip has reached its ending stages is when the new travelers meet are not particularly stimulating to you anymore. You can search back into your mind when you first started traveling and it use to be SO interesting meeting all these people from different countries and asking them about what they are like. Now though it’s just annoying. In particular you are getting sick of answering the same questions about yourself. You realize that meeting all these new people is cool, but perhaps the relationships don’t have time to get deeper and you are starting to long for that.

When everything you see is starting to look the same

You have been traveling around in Europe and at first the castles and cities absolutely blew your mind. They were SO different than anything that you had ever seen before previous. Now though the trip has gone for years and that magic when you go to even new cities is not there. What once was so different has become the status quo. Now of course there is a way around this you could go to totally new continent, but even there perhaps until you return to your regular life for sometime it still won’t have the power it use to amaze and enthrall you.

When you realize that you have to get back to “real

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