When to Stay in Contact with a Travel Buddy

So you’re in a hostel and you have met some interesting people from another country. Things are visceral and real since you are enjoying a unique experience with each other. It seems so exotic in that moment that you pull out that pen to jot down your Facebook details. Fast forward, 4 years and three months later events in that person’s life are still coming up on your news feed as you ask yourself who the hell is that? Below are a few ideas, from an experienced traveler when the time is right to exchange details.


1) You have decided to Travel Beyond the City you have Met:
A sure fire sign that the person you have met abroad can be a friend you will keep after the moment is if your rapport is so good that you choose to travel beyond where you met. The date is looming when you are suppose to be heading different ways and you just can’t do it… you realize you’ll miss them. Or you realize that taking in new experiences is so much fun, probably because you see things in a similar way, that you want it to continue.

2)  They live Reasonable Close to Your Real Home
Okay, so the magic isn’t there to the extent of the people that you choice to continue traveling together, but you have spent some time together

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