Why France is Ideal for Group Skiing Holidays

Why France is Ideal for Group Skiing Holidays

Group skiing breaks can be incredibly good fun – as long as you can all agree on the best destination to visit! One country that’s especially popular among large parties of skiers is good ol’ France. Read on to find out why…

1) Easy accessibility
If you’ve ever organised a group holiday before, you know how hard it can be to get everyone organised, especially if you’re travelling a long distance. France’s proximity to the UK means this stress should be kept to a minimum thanks to the various options for getting to the country quickly.

Plane travel is fastest, but it’s travelling via train or car/minibus and ferry might be a better option for a spot of pre-holiday socialising to set the mood. It can also be cheaper, depending on when you book your transport, as well as more scenic!

2) Wide range of resorts
Another bugbear associated with arranging group holidays is when you’re faced with various preferences for the ski resort. If you’re in a party where some are complete novices when it comes to skiing, while others are incredibly experienced, you’ll want to choose a resort that can cater for everyone.

Similarly, you may end up in a group where a few individuals would prefer a quiet stay, while others want accommodation in a big ski chalet close to buzzing bars and pubs.

Luckily, France has a huge array of resorts to offer, and there’s certain to be one perfect for your group as a result. Some of the sites particularly suitable for large parties are:

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