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Be Adventurous: Dining out in Europe

Be Adventurous: Dining out in Europe

We Brits are a nation of food lovers; whether it’s sharing our latest meal on social media or blogging about the hottest new restaurant, we can’t get enough of new and exciting British cuisine. So how do we fare when eating abroad?

A recent survey of over 1,000 holidaymakers found that while 73% of British people would describe themselves as adventurous, almost a third would refuse to try local food in Europe. Meanwhile, 48% claimed that their holidays would be ruined if they couldn’t find a British food chain whilst abroad.

If you want to break ranks and try something new, there are tonnes of countries within Europe that are renowned for their fantastic food. What’s more, many of them have spectacular landmarks to spot whilst burning off the calories!


Austria is a haven for British tourists looking to try something a little different that still uses some staple British ingredients. A beef boiled broth served with horseradish and chives is incredibly popular, while liptauer, a spicy cheese spread, is served beautifully on bread.

For those with a sweet tooth, there are many Austrian variations on pancakes which are often served with a range of ice cream, whipped cream, plums, jam and powdered sugar.

Of course Austria isn’t just food. It’s the perfect European location for an active break, making walking in Austria the ideal holiday for adventurous families looking to take on Europe by foot.


While many of us are aware of the high status of French cuisine, it is not as common in Britain as you might expect

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