When in Rome…

When in Rome…

When choosing a holiday destination it is crucial that, aside from listening to other people’s advice you choose a place which is right for your personal needs. There are times you might want to lie on a beach, times you want to go clubbing and others that you want to immerse yourself in culture to a point of exhaustion: Rome is one such experience.I have now been to Rome fourteen times due to me fascination with its history; a yearning to see the coliseum made it my very first jaunt abroad and every time I go back, I develop an even deeper love of the place. It is this extensive knowledge that has lead me to help people explore.

So what is it that keeps making me go back? To begin with, the least sexy of the reasons, is the accessibility. I can fly from Manchester to Rome in 3 Hours, avoid any jet lag or time adjustments yet feel a complete cultural shake up. Then there is the city itself. I would recommend that if it is your first time in the city you must of course visit and cherish the iconic buildings. The glory of the Coliseum is mind boggling and your first steps into the immense Vatican City are awe inspiring.

However if you are looking for something a little different, stray off the beaten track into San Lorezo, just south of Termini Station. The young and vibrant neighborhood is swarming with art bars and nightlife. I would heartily recommend La Pinta, its selection of thirty plus rums and pirate like décor attract an eclectic clientele.

If the lively, laid back attitude of San Lorenzo is however not what you are looking for then stray up to the slightly more chic area around Piazza Navona and Via della Pace.

Rome however isn’t just parties and ancient history. Some of the more modern history is also fascinating. The vast Roman Protestant Cemetery can be a peaceful interlude away from the bustle of the busy streets.

On a Sunday the Porta Portese flea market is packed and entertaining in every way.

To conclude, Rome isn’t a city you can visit in a day. It is a whole tapestry of lives and eclectic neighborhoods and histories. As with anywhere watch your wallets, be careful and have an amazing time.


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