Sporades Islands to visit

Skopelos Lovely Skopelos is that the most inhabited island in the Sporades, and also the locals are determined to confirm that the island’s growing popularity as a tourer destination doesn’t destroy its natural beauty. That resolve was tested once the movie “Mamma Mia!” was recorded in Skopelos in 2008, exposing the island’s charms and attractions to a world audience. Despite the influx of new guests, Skopelos remains one amongst the prettiest islands in the Aegean, packed with stunning beaches, over 350 churches and an inviting array of cozy restaurants,simple taverns and small […]

Luxury Vacations at Maui

Perfect beaches, extending for miles and miles, green carpeted valleys beautiful landscapes added entertainments such as water sports and rich history – well you read them right, all this in one place – Maui. Maui is a perfect vacation retreat you would not want to miss, especially when spent in one of those luxury villas. Exploring Maui Jaw-dropping landscape as […]

Ancient Ruins in Europe

Check out the Ancient Ruins in Europe and decide your plan. Visegrad, Pest County, Hungary Visegrad, a city on the Danube in Hungary, is home to the small, but impressively fortified Visegrad Castle. It absolutely was engineered by King Bela IV, but destroyed after raids by the Turks. Today, the ruins of the castle are open to the public. The […]

Top 5 Tourist Attractions In Rourkela

Known for its wealthy ore deposits and therefore the home to one of the biggest steel plants in India, The Steel Authority of India and is encircled with picturesque hills and enthralling rivers. What’s nowadays an urban township, was once lined with dense forests and was later developed because of the institution of India’s first large scale steel plant. The […]

The Palace of Knossos Travel Guide

Knossos, the largest Bronze Age archeological site found on the island of Crete, was the political and ceremonial center of the Minoan culture and civilization. It consisted of an ancient Palace as well as the town that enclosed it. The world is found south of the modern town of Iraklion, that is on the north coast of Crete. Archaeologists believe […]

Nameri National Park, Assam

Lying within the lap of Eastern Himalayas, the Nameri park is found within the Sonitpur district of Assam, India. At the northern border, it adjoins the Pakhui life Sanctuary of Arunachal Pradesh, spanning across a combined space of 1000 sq. km. This Brobdingnagian land is abode to an enormous diversity of mammals, reptiles, birds, marine life and butterflies! The scenic […]

Portugal Travel Guide

Once a important contributor to the New World Discovery Age, Portugal could be a land of discovery itself wherever dramatic scenery unfolds to reveal medieval castles, best golf courses, golden-sand beaches, cobble villages dominated by lovely churches, and charming cities pulsing in made culture, fabulous food and noisy nightlife. Located on the western coast of the Iberian peninsula in southern […]

Spots in San Francisco

Golden Gate Park Once an area of sand dunes, Golden Gate Park is a large urban park with windmills, bison, museums, lakes and a carousel among its many attractions. At 1,017 acres, it is about 20% larger than New York’s Central Park, so unless you have a bike, you’ll want to plan which area you want to visit. A popular […]

Top Tourist Attractions in San Francisco

San Francisco, everyone’s favorite city, is located at the tip of a peninsula between the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific coast. A compact city of steep rolling hills surrounded on three sides by water, San Francisco is renowned for its summer fogs, Victorian architecture, cable cars and beautiful vistas. Just remember: Don’t call it Frisco and do bring warm […]