Cheaper Countries to Travel to

Who doesn’t want their money to do a little extra lifting for them? The spots listed are always steeped in their own culture, often giving visitors the chance to see something really unique. More places where a traveler can stretch their budget out include: Jordan This seldom visited pocket of the Middle East is oozing culture that hasn’t been enjoyed […]

The top Sites of Dublin

A trip has brought you to the Emerald Island and you are in Dublin the home of many famous Irish writers, thinkers, and play wrights. This storied city has much to do and of course many pubs to visit. While in Dublin you will be lucky to enjoy some of the famous Irish charm. A trip to Dublin will have […]

The Wonders of Berlin

A definite must-see for any globetrotters who find themselves in Europe is the fabulous German city of Berlin. From it’s fascinating and controversial history to its vibrant populace and culture, it’s hard not to find something to love about the German capital. For those under the age of 25, it might come as a surprise that this key destination in […]

Things to Do in Krakow Poland

Of the cities of Europe one of the most beautiful and compelling is Krackow Poland. Blessed with ancient architecture and grand squares just wandering around the streets will be fuel enough for many travelers. However, as with anywhere, a few suggestions of specific attractions and things to do can add a little something to any visit or trip to a […]