Cheaper Countries to Travel to

Who doesn’t want their money to do a little extra lifting for them? The spots listed are always steeped in their own culture, often giving visitors the chance to see something really unique. More places where a traveler can stretch their budget out include:



This seldom visited pocket of the Middle East is oozing culture that hasn’t been enjoyed by tourists. With an unbelievable low cost of 5 US dollars for accommodations visitors can spend their well earned money taking in sites of the old world. The most eye catching, and well known is Petra. You may remember it from the final scenes of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Literally it is an ornate church that is carved out of the side of a mountain. Another aspect of spending time in Jordan is its close proximity to Egypt. The possibility is there to combine these places in a single low cost trip.


Who knew traveling on the cheap could be so great! This is a fantastic location for sitting on golden beaches, with a drink in hand, while stretching out your budget to its maximum. Sitting next to the Caribbean Sea Honduras is also a fantastic location for taking scuba diving trips. The cost of scuba diving, or learning to scuba dive, is significantly less than elsewhere. Accommodations will run around $10 dollars US in Honduras. Use those savings to go snorkeling and kayaking at Roatan’s West Beach and visiting the Unesco listed Archaeological Park of Copan.


Laos has taken over from Thailand and Vietnam as the Southeastern Asia option for the traveler running low on funds. Still graced with beautiful beaches and amazing natural beauty Laos can be enjoyed, with room for frills, with just 15 dollar US per day. Its recommended while there that you check out the beautiful river valleys and traditional villages along the Mekong River. Also be sure to see the beautiful limestone waterfalls at Tat Sae.


Nepal affords some of the world’s most amazing opportunities for alpine exploration. Still affordable many a mountaineer has made the trek to basecamp of MT Everest. Beyond just mountaineering visitors to Nepal are also able to see the ancient Sherpa people and soak in many of the ancient Buddhist sights, shrines, and traditions. This is yet another amazing selection for travelers want affordability with experience.

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