Food in Europe

Food in Europe


Something Europeans are spoiled with is their great selection and quality of cuisine that is as different as the many cultures that make up this diverse continent. Indeed, you can spend an entire vacation merely sampling the delicious fare and you can consider it time thoroughly well spent. Of course you’ll want to see some of the famous structures and landmarks while you’re at it, but why not do both at the same time?

It’s hard to say which country has the best food – that is something up for a spirited debate at a different time – but you can be certain you will find something that piques your interest regardless of where you travel. You can be high in the north, on the Mediterranean or sampling the bounty along any number of the rivers that cross the continent and you can be right next to world class food that can’t be found anywhere else.


Traditional British food may not have the flavourful aromas or fragrant herbs of its continental neighbours but for hearty comfort food, it’s hard to beat the full English breakfast or fish and chips. Included in the food you’ll be amazed by in London is that of it’s large Indian population, which is a stark contrast to everything else with rich curries and other samplings from the subcontinent.


South of London and along the warm Mediterranean coast comes the sea-inspired cuisine of Barcelona, where you’ll never accuse it of not being full flavoured! Dishes like paella are cultural staples here and vary from each restaurant you visit, and are particularly enjoyed on a patio while gazing out at the water. Be sure to try some tapas in between your exploration of this amazing city and don’t be afraid to hold off on eating until after 10pm as is customary in Spain.


The Italian capital is as good a place as any to enjoy the fantastic food you probably already know and love (and a few you probably haven’t discovered yet!) as it was meant to be. Rome has fantastic pizza that will make you seriously rethink what you consider to be the pizza of your home, pasta and best of all, gelato. Head to Trastevere in the evening to sample all of this in the lively piazza setting that screams old world charm from every corner. You can stuff yourself silly and wonder how Italians ever get anything done when their food is so good.


Finally, there is the capital of the country that is known the world over for its food – Paris, France. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a tiny back alley cafe or a reservations only restaurant in the heart of the old quarter, you are sure to enjoy top notch pastries, rich meats and tasty desserts every time you put something in your mouth. You really can’t go wrong when you’re in Paris!

Another great idea is to get an apartment, visit the local markets and prepare the fresh ingredients yourself while on vacation! Find a great place to stay in any of these cities with GoWithOh and enjoy an authentic culinary experience in fabulous Europe!

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