Things not to do in South America

Things not to do in South America


When you’re taking a trip to South America you have signed yourself up to have a really good and diverse time. Still though there are a few things that you should bear in mind about the trip you are going to take. This blog provides a bit of practical advice for taking an expedition in South America that will help improve your time there and keep you safe. A few suggestions of things not to do are.

Do not try to do it all in one trip

Unlike Europe, where the relatively small countries makes it possible to see several in 2 or 3 weeks, South America and many of its countries are large. Getting in-between probably will involve flights and a lot of undue effort so stick to one or two and see those countries well. In the end by doing this you will have a better time and not leave you spending too much time in transit.

Expect that South Americans see time differently 

In general South Americans are not as time conscious as North Americans and Europeans. They do not believe in rushing around to the same extent. So be advised that it is not considered particularly rude if people show up a little late for appointments. The good thing is that this revolves both ways so if you are a little late too no one will notice.

Do no bring to much stuff 

Really this goes for all travel, you do not have to bring everything for all possible scenarios. Travelers are surprised to see that many North American brands are sold in South America too, and that they can purchase the extra things that they may not have brought there as well – often for cheaper actually.

Do not lose track of your valuables

Unfortunately, theft is an issue in some of South America’s larger cities like Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires and Quito. Many thieves make a living stealing from tourists and have become very proficient. What is advisable is to leave some of your nicer stuff at home. What you do have with you make sure you are mindful of it and don’t do things like leave bags on the ground or behind chairs.

Do not ask about where to buy drugs in South America.

A reality is that many travelers in South America are interested in looking for drugs during their holidays. First off in all of these countries drugs are against the law and if you are caught could involve jail time. Also making inquires with South Americans you meet could really offend them when they have no affiliation to that life style. Secondly, and potentially more dangerously, looking for drugs could bring travelers into contact with some dangerous criminal types who could do more than just sell them drugs.

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