Four London Sites for the History Buff

Four London Sites for the History Buff


It’s easy to write London off in comparison to the more exotic world locations, particularly if you’ve grown up in an English speaking country, but this would be a mistake. While many of the landmarks and place names will be already familiar to you, perhaps even to the level of being cliched, seeing the real places for yourself is a must-do for any self respecting world traveller and world citizen.

For a large part of human history, London was the centre of culture and power, but even before this, London had carved out its place in history. Starting out as little more than a Roman settlement over two thousand years ago, London has seen its share of expansion, hardship and victories. Much has changed for this city throughout the centuries, through the hard times and the good, but one thing remains the same – it is a great place to visit.

Take a look below at these destinations within London for anyone who likes history or just wants to see those famous icons in real life.

Westminster Abbey

The site of many a monarch’s coronation, royal wedding and state funeral, Westminster Abbey remains for many one of the most iconic religious sites in the whole world. It is here that many famous people throughout the ages are buried or have memorials, from former kings to members of the literary community. Westminster Abbey is always popular to be sure to arrive early to avoid crowds!

Wren_St_Pauls_CathedralSt. Paul’s Cathedral

Perhaps no other symbol of the city is as iconic to the resolve of the British people than St. Paul’s Cathedral, particularly as it withstood the German Blitz during World War II when so many other buildings did not. A beautiful piece of architecture in itself, St. Paul’s Cathedral may not have the same allure of some of the other entries on this list, but you will be hard pressed not to be moved by it.

Tower of London

The location of many atrocities (actual and perceived) through English history, the Tower of London is a fortress that many associate with the nation itself as almost mythical status. Known for many things, from the Beefeaters, Crown Jewels, torture chambers, giant ravens and residences of former leaders, you could spend an entire day in the Tower of London and still not have enough. To visit London and not see the Tower would be ridiculous indeed!

Tower Bridge to Parliament

This last entry is meant as a walk, nicely connecting all the three previous entries along the central vein of London – the Thames River. While hardly a river worth photographing, the Thames River is the very lifeblood of the city with its many bridges connecting one side to the other, each with their own story. If you can try to book a hotel on the Thames with a river side view so you can watch life go by. While London Bridge may not be that remarkable or even the original, it is still interesting to ponder how differently the world would have turned out had the Romans not built it all those years ago.

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