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5 Tips to Drink Like a Local in Australia

5 Tips to Drink Like a Local in Australia


Australians are known to like a beer or two or a wine or three! With long summer days and soaring high temperatures, nothing cools you down and refreshes you quicker than an ice cold drink. Sharing a drink with mates is something Australians do every week. It is a social pastime where drinks are bought, stories told and friendships forged – not unlike travelling in Europe as well, but here, it has a distinctly Aussie feel!

Surf clubs

Australia has been blessed with some of the best beaches in the world. Where you find long white stretches of powder soft sand, you will also find lifesavers and a Surf Club. Surf Clubs are where locals go to unwind after a day at work. Here you can get great quality meals at good prices and share a drink with the locals.

The local pub scene

Have a drink at a local pub! You will find local pubs scattered throughout the suburbs and also in city centres, there are certain pubs favoured by locals. Watching where the tradies head to after work is a sure sign that that’s the pub to head to. After a hard day’s work, people are ready to unwind and chat. Talk will usually be very forthcoming and with drinks in hand, this is a great way to mix in with the locals. By night, these pubs usually have bands and locals will stay until closing time.

Take a road trip to the wineries

Australia has developed a reputation as a forerunner in the wine business. All Australian States have many long established wine regions where you can hit the road and follow the wine tasting trail. Here you can speak to the vineyard owners, sample their produce and then move on to the next winery.



Everyone has to attend a fair dinkum Aussie barbecue. Here you will sit around in folding chairs, beer in a stubby holder and inhale the smoke and delicious aroma that can only come from steak and sausages grilling on a barbecue. This is Aussie relaxation at its best. People mingle, chinwag and enjoy a totally laid back and relaxing day spent with friends, good food and even better drinks.

RSL Clubs

Every town has a Returned Services League Club. These are great places to enjoy a reasonably priced meal and drink during the day, play the pokies and then in the evening, you can usually listen to a good band and drink and talk to the locals all over again. Many of these RSL Clubs have evolved into housing numerous restaurants, live music venues, modern décor and yet have managed to keep their drink and food costs down.


Australians by reputation are a friendly bunch of people. Wander into any local bar or pub and you will easily fall into amiable chatter about anything and nothing in particular. This is a great way to check out the locals in the area and gain information on what’s happening around town. For help with travel arrangements contact a travel specialist such as Flight Centre Australia where you can arrange central accommodation that will only be a short stroll from the local pub scene where you can drink like a local with the locals!

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