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Taking a trip to heal a broken heart

Taking a trip to heal a broken heart


A time honoured tactic of getting over a broken heart has always been to book a trip and get away from things for awhile. Really, I would say, especially at first, this really isn’t that bad of an idea, but it also has to be remembered that escaping is kind of a band aid to the pain not a cure. Eventually, the person will have to confront the pain they are feeling head on to get past it and until then they are at risk of possibly doing things they may regret. A couple thoughts about traveling with a broken heart include.

It could put you off balance 

Travel is always done best with a clear head. When you’re coming in to new situations around people you are just meeting being off balance actually might be a little dangerous. The problem with a person with a broken heart is that they usually are off balance, whether they admit it or not. People that are off balance tend to take risks, because they don’t care about the consequences. This means that bad things can happen, sexual transmitted diseases, injuries, and getting robbed. Though escape is good, with a raging broken heart it has to be weighed against the possible danger.

You might do things you will regret 

This point connects to the first; a person who is off balance might do things that they will regret. From my experience traveling I have seen people off balance, often because of a broken heart, become too promiscuous, for which they often sanctioned themselves very punitively, get in debt with no concern of the consequence… and the years they would have to cut down their fun to pay it off, and lastly put themselves in dangerous situations. Actions have consequences and if you`re so heartbroken you don’t care it`s very dangerous.

Escaping a feeling will not make it disappear 

Lastly, trying to escape a feeling will not make it disappear. Sometimes, often in the case of risk taking behavior, the person will say they are fine but externalize their feelings in dangerous behavior. The reality is that a person has to deal with their heart break over time, only then will it leave them. A trip may mask pain, but really is it the best idea? To venture forth as a travelers who has in the past taken a trip for this reason… I’d say no. Travel is best done with a clear mind not weighing issues.

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