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The Different Variations of Traveling

The Different Variations of Traveling

While in layman’s terms you’re traveling somewhere when you have left the house and gotten into your car. For this blog though, we’re talking about taking a trip to a foreign country, then categorizing that trip a little more. I want to talk about the difference of a short trip to an extended trip and finally just moving to a different country long term. All three types of travel are rewarding in their own ways. I would call it enjoying travel in the sense of taking in a little of a lot or a lot of a little. Allow me to explain.


With a short trip, a person is just using their vacation time or perhaps a weekend to go to a different place for a short amount of time. Often in this scenario the trip will be to one place where they will stay. I suppose this kind of travel could be anything. For instance, I have been considering a short trip for a week to New York City this upcoming spring.

An extended trip is a little different, it involves going to a place for a long time but not establishing permanence with a job, study or place to live. A good example of this might be going to India for a 3 month trip to look around at as much as you can during that time. In these types of trips, a person has the chance as I noted about to look at a lot of a little. Meaning they will be changing cities and locales often and getting a little taste of each without truly breaking into what the place is. This type of travel is a lot of fun, involves frequent change and provides a great opportunity to meet loads of people.

The last type of travel is the most difficult, but perhaps the most rewarding, that is to move to a new country. When a person does this they have to make efforts to assimilate themselves into that society. Doing this type of travel is what I call seeing a lot of a little. When you live in a place long term that is when the proverbial onion skin will be peeled back and you will really get to understand how different cultures work. Specifically, you will meet international people in their own environment and come to see how they really are.

All three types of travel are great fun. Depending on time and money issues, I certainly hope that you will try one of the types if not more.

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