Things off the Beaten Path to do London

London is a city so filled with things to do and so much culture that actually choosing can be difficult. Sifting through such a mammoth pile of potential directions to go into the city could lead even the best of us scratching our head at the pub around the corner from our hotel. The following list looks to provide a few worthwhile options to immerse yourself a little in what makes this city so special and so unique.


Tate Modern:
A trip through the city in its own right to get to the Tate Modern can lead a person over the River Thames and walking along the newly developed South Bank complete with its outdoor markets and varied shops. The building that hosts the gallery is a work of art in its own right having been refurbished from a former power plant. Inside the gallery is the kind of eclectic mix of modern masters you would expect from a world city like London. This art gallery as much as any other continues to draw in tourists and locals alike.

Kensington Gardens
Created in 1728 Kensington Gardens was created to be change from Hyde Park. Complete with an artificial lake with swans in it, tree adorned lawns, and pathways jetting out every which direction the Gardens are a lovely way to spend a relaxed afternoon. On the Western Edge of the park is Kensington Palace, which has been home to various members of the royal family and most famously Princess Diana.

Camden Market
A trip to London isn’t complete without going to see the bohemian part of town Camden. Divided into a variety of different market places selling clothes, antiques, jewelry and different foods this is a section of the city that suits all those with an alternative mind set. If you fancy a pint after your shopping the End of the World pub near Camden tube station makes a good choice.

Primrose Hill
Near to Camden and its youth soaked grunginess is the pristine Primrose Hill area. Home to many a celebrity including Kate Moss and Jude Law this area offers a beautiful reprieve from alternative Camden. Climbing up the Primrose Hill offers a fantastic vantage for which to soak in the city from a distance. When a drink comes a calling, consider the nearby Queens Pub which offers classy decorum, an eclectic cast of regulars, and well priced pub food.

Royal Court Theatre
Nearby to Sloan Square the Royal Court Theatre has long been one of London’s most daring venues. As a traveller, always be on the lookout for London hotel and show deals that might involve experiencing these thrilling spectacles. With an alumnus of directors that includes David Hare, John Osborne and Sam Sheppard many a controversial subject has been tackled here. The Rocky Horror Picture Show premiered here in 1973 along with Sarah Kane’s controversial “Blasted

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