More things to do in Edinburgh

More things to do in Edinburgh

Amazing is the city that combines history, culture and cosmopolitan fun in massive amounts like Edinburgh does. With the castles to visit, the charm of Princess Street and the relaxing Calton Hill as options, visitors to Edinburgh always have an excellent time. One of the calling cards of the city is the unique aesthetic that the city is blessed with, as cobble stones streets blend with ancient buildings and a castle on a cliff face in the centre of the city. While in Edinburgh a few different things that you can do include:

Calton Hill 

Off Regent Road | Edinburgh

A place for locals and travelers a like to hang around, have a beer, or toss around a ball Calton Hill is a great spot to unwind. The hill itself has a few intriguing structures from Scotland’s long ago Roman past as well as some of the best views over this beautiful city that include a perfect vantage over the Scottish Parliament Buildings, the Holyroodhouse Palace, the National Monument and the Dugald Stewart Monument. Come here for a picnic lunch when you need a breather from the constant energy of the city. Calton hill has long been a place where hippies and other bohemians have gathered to the beating of a drum and some tokes off of a pungent smelling weed.

Royal Botanic Gardens

20a Inverleith Row | Edinburgh

Just to the north of the city are the Royal Botanic Gardens which is a 70 acre park that is a glow with all varieties of flowers and plants.  There are different sections of the gardens including a Chinese Garden, a rock garden, an art venue called Inverleith House that hosts a variety of different art showings, and a new visitor centre that has a variety of exhibits on bio diversity. The garden is free to enter and is another great place for a picnic lunch. You can start planning your exciting day trips to places like the Botanic Gardens by looking up flights and hotels. If you reserve now, you will have more time to plan things to do in Edinburgh.

Holyroodhouse Palace

Holyrood Road | Edinburgh

An endorsement for the Holyroodhouse Palace is that the Royal Family actually stays there when they come to Scotland. When the Royals aren’t visiting the palace is open for tour and has such interesting attractions like the crumbling 12th century abbey, King James Tower, the Royal Dining Room and the Throne Room. The Queen’s Gallery inside the palace hangs exhibits of her Majesties Royal Collection. When you find the palace to get a little stuffy step outside to the adjoining Holyrood Park that leads to Arthur’s Seat.

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