Yet More Things to do in Edinburgh

Yet More Things to do in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a city with so much to do and such versatility in terms of its architecture and options to soak in culture that it is a fantastic choice for any person to choose to visit. There are castles, palaces, museums, night life, beautiful country side and even a beach in Edinburgh to easily fill a person’s time up. With so many choices of activity a little bit of advice can definitely go a long way. With that in mind we are going to provide a few ideas for a few more things that you can do while you are in Edinburgh.

Portobello Beach

Portobello | Edinburgh

Beaches and Edinburgh would seem a stretch, but less than five miles from the city centre is Portobello Beach. Perhaps not a tropical paradise, still Portobello beach a great escape from Edinburgh on a warm, humid summer’s day. A sunset on a highlands beach is something that you won’t soon forget! Just pack away a lunch, maybe a little wine, and head down to the quintessential Edinburgh warm day spot. On the hottest days of Scottish summer you can expect people to be wading in the sea and even having parties on the beach. So be like the Scots and join in for a beachside party!

Royal Mile 

Canongate | Edinburgh

The stretch between Holyroodhouse Palace and Edinburgh Castle has been dubbed the Royal Mile. This walk is filled with many of the city’s most stunning and most atmospheric buildings that showcase this, the most posh section of Edinburgh. The walk up the hill culminates in the wildly majestic castle, which literally stands guard over the city from a cliff face. A few of the most notable attractions along the mile include the World of Illusions, Camera Obscura and the Scotch Whisky Heritage centre. Some say the Royal Mile has been over run with different tourist traps – in the form of chain restaurants, cafes and pubs

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