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Things to do in Moscow

Things to do in Moscow

With the former Soviet Union long opened up people still have an intrigue with discovering just what is inside the capital of the former Soviet world. Reputed to be a place where crass capitalism permanently altered the landscape in a kind of Wild West capitalist frenzy in the 90’s Moscow has much cultural intrigue attached to it. The following list will look at a few things people can do to enliven a visit they take to Moscow.


Visit Gum and Tsum
Gum and Tsum are two of the largest, and reputably over the top shopping malls in Moscow. Overpriced, decadent, and pretentious these malls are a must see. Gum, which faces on to Red Square, is spacious, architecturally stunning, and just a little capricious. You will find major designer after designer including Moshino, Burberry, and Joop. Afterwards retreat to nearby Tsum for more window shopping and time to relax in its ostentatious food court on the fourth floor.

Patriarshy Prudiy
Literally meaning Patriarch’s Pond visiting Patriarshy Prudiy is a great way for visitors to connect with Moscow’s Stalinist/ Soviet past. The pond is surrounded by Stalin era apartments in their sheer simplicity and lack of any decadence. Take a book and wander around the pond slowly and perhaps stop for a bite at a neoclassical restaurant called the Pavilion which is nearby.

Pushkin Square and a walk along the Bulvar
Pushkin Square is the heart of Moscow and is a fantastic place for getting a sense of the modern Russian people. People sit around here reading papers, drinking coffee and playing chess all grand Russian traditions. Nearby is a statue of Alexander Pushkin who is considered by Russians as the father of Russian literature. If you walk further along a street named the Bulvar you can continue your people watching and eventually find Jean-Jacques a French Russian restaurant popular with the cities young and beautiful set.

35 MM
For film lovers Moscow’s most storied cinema 35 MM, located at the Garden Ring and Pokrovka Ulitsa, may be of interst. Though there is no surround sound it is worth a look as this has been the place that Soviets were able to watch foreign and American films for decades. Even when many of these films were suppose to be banned.

Winzavod is Moscow’s own meat packing district alla New York City. One time a place filled with factories Winzavod has been transformed into a location where the hippest galleries, shops, and bars have appeared. Winzavod is reputed to be a place where Western celebrities swing down to when they happen to be in Moscow. This is now a place to see and be seen.

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