Things to Do in Krakow Poland

Things to Do in Krakow Poland

Of the cities of Europe one of the most beautiful and compelling is Krackow Poland. Blessed with ancient architecture and grand squares just wandering around the streets will be fuel enough for many travelers. However, as with anywhere, a few suggestions of specific attractions and things to do can add a little something to any visit or trip to a place. Below are a few suggestions for things to do while visiting Krakow.


Coffee at Jama Michalika – ulica Florianska 45, 31-019
Since 1908 Krakow’s actors, cabaret artists, and greats of literature have drunk coffee and absinthe in this café. Decorated in art nouvea style, with plenty of space and even backroom hideouts, this café is a must on a trip through Krackow.

A night at Hotel Copernicus – ulica Kanonicza 16, 31-002
If you’re interested in a night of lavish luxury splash out for a night at the Copernicus Hotel. The hotel was once the residence of the Wawel Cathedrial’s top priests and cannons. For a particularly rich evening take the coat of arms suite complete with 17th century Frescos and 14th century wooded beam ceilings.

Walk up Kanonicza
Kanonicza is Krakow’s oldest thoroughfare and is part of the Royal Way leading to Wawel Castle. This magnanimous street has witnessed centuries of Polish royalty parading up and down its cobble stones and is lined with authentic Renaissances houses.

Exhibitions at Auschwitz
While in Krakow visitors often travel 75 km West of the city to the main Nazi death camp of Auschwitz. These camps were built by the Nazis in their horrific attempt to eliminate all European Jews. Guided tours of the facility show the execution yards and gas chambers. There is a permanent exhibition that documents through photography and historic relics the sobering realities of what once took place there.

Shopping for amber at Cloth Hall Rynek Glowny, 31-042
Take a look at one of the world’s oldest markets. The cloth Hall, in the main market square of Rynek Glowny has brought together traders since the 14th century. Browse to your heart’s content for jewellery, handicrafts, and fabrics.

Underground chapel at Wieliczka Salt Mine ulica Danilowicza 10, Wieliczka 32-020
Decending 327 meters below the ground the oldest and largest salt mine in Krakow is an interesting destination for tourists. Of most intrigue is the St Kinga’s Chapel which is actually inside of the mine. The statues, alter, and even the chandeliers were all constructed by the miners who worked down below in the mine.

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