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Top Sea Kayaking Destinations in the World

Top Sea Kayaking Destinations in the World

Sea Kayaking has become one of the foremost precious journey sport lately. However torelish it to the fullest, you wish to have a proper location. Hence to assist you out, we’ve need to you the list of the top sea kayaking destinations within the world. Read more.

Glacier Bay, Alaska

Glacier BayThe Glacier Bay in Alaska is one of the craziest places to travel Sea Kayaking. the area is protected by a national park that stretches up to 3.8 million acre. The Kayaking culture additionally as tourism in this area increased after John Muir visited there first in the year 1879. 20 miles of the bay are open to adventure seekers who want to experience Kayaking in the ice cold waters of the Glacier bay, surrounded by ice clad mountains and icebergs. After all a heat conducting garment is necessary when you plan to go kayaking here, along with some professional training too, as it is equally difficult.

Baja, California

When you need to relish Sea Kayaking in an exceedingly bright and calm atmosphere with clear sea waters under you, Baja in California is that the excellent place. you’ll be able to watch whales going around, meet seals while swimming of the shores and watch the spellbinding sunset where sipping your favorite cocktails. the most spots to try and do Kayaking in this area are Esperitu Santo, Los Angeles and Las Animas. If you’d love warm water Kayaking where you simplyneed to sit back and knowledge calm, this can be the proper place to travel, wherever whales would be surrounding you everyplace.

Kadavu Island, Fiji

Kadavu Island

Fiji is the ultimate goal for many of the sea kayakers. This can be because of the water stretch of over 709,000 kilometers, that surrounds the island and is an exploration area for kayakers who are looking for a new journey and obstacle when. Situated within the middle of the equatorial current, this place is incredibly appropriate for fishing and diving’ll be able to simply relish the nature’s bounty from your kayak, go snorkel diving and fishing from your kayak and even sip on the local drinks while enjoying your favorite sport.

Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica

It is the most effective developed conservation program I the globe, where 27 percent of the country’s area is covered by a national park. This will be an journey lover’s dream destination and the ocean kayaking area here stretched over 635 miles. The Manuel Antonio National park here is that the hottest destination to do sea kayaking because of its glowing white sand beaches, a dense inexperienced forest and crystal clear water. Here you’ll be able to also spot a number of the foremost endangered sea turtles in the world as well, with their eggs lying of the beaches.

Johnstone Strait, British Columbia

Johnstone StraitThe Johnstone Strait in Canada is found as a slender passage between British Columbia and Vancouver Island. The 40 kilo meter long strait could be a home to many killer whales and after you go kayaking, you may sure enough see one or two of them and so, you’ll be able to relish your journey encircled by these fish. This place was originally established within theyear 1982 as a spot wherever killer whales were protected and now, it’s become one amongst the most effective spots within the world to try and do Sea Kayaking also as watch these whales in the wild.


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