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Most Visited Tourist Destination

No Comments 11 January 2016

Check out the following places and include it in your bucket list:

Taj Mahal (Agra)

Taj Mahal is considered one amongst the eight wonders of the globe. It’s placed in city, India. It had been built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his third wife, Mumtaz Mahal. Its type of architecture may be a mix of Persian, Turkish and Indian style.Taj Mahal

Niagara Falls (Ontario & New York)

A nature beauty. Niagara Falls are huge waterfalls on the Niagara River, straddling the international border separating the Canadian province of Ontario and also the U.S. state of New York. The Falls make an incredible sound as the water goes over and lands at the bottom.

Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Istanbul)

World’s most wonderful Mosque.An architecture miracle! The Blue Mosque was commissioned by Sultan Ahmet I as a rival to Hagia Sophia and designed by designer Mehmet Agha. Construction on the Blue Mosque began in 1609 and took seven years. If you visit Istanbul one day, you should definitely see Sultan Ahmed Mosque Too.Sultan Ahmed Mosque

Big Ben (London)

One of the foremost clock tower on earth is Big Ben in London. The clock tower holds the most important four-faced chiming clock in the globe and is that the third-tallest free-standing tower. Today Big Ben is the icon for London.

Pyramids of Giza (Cairo)

The Great Pyramid (Pyramids of Giza) was the tallest historical man-made structure within the world for over 3,800 years. It is 146.5 metres long. It’s believed the pyramid was engineered as a tomb for fourth dynasty Egyptian pharaoh Khufu and was created over a twenty year period. Definitely you shouldn’t die before visiting Pyramids of Giza.Pyramids of Giza

Enjoy the trip and have blast!

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Top Most Amazing French Dishes

No Comments 25 December 2015

French food is well-known everywhere the world for its fine taste and variety of flavours. The French Chefs are artists, that make all types of inventive dishes with a tremendous side and an excellent style. They never stop superb the globe with their creativity. Here’s a list of best superb French Dishes that you need to try at least once in your life: Continue Reading

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Must-See Greek Beaches

No Comments 23 September 2015

Greece is one of the foremost naturally lovely countries on Earth. It’s additionally home to a number of the foremost gorgeous and exciting beaches within the world. With most beauty to choose from, you’ll have a tough time narrowing down wherever to travel first. Here are top must-visit Greek beach destinations.


Myrtos BeachLocated in Kefalonia, Myrtos beach is one of the foremost exotic and spectacular beaches within the world. The shoreline seems to go forever, with turquoise waters overlapping against striking white cliffs. Myrtos beach is found between the feet of 2 impressive mountains, Kalon Oros and Agia Dynati. It’s gained worldwide reputation as one of the best Greek beaches and has often been included in the lists of the best beaches in the world.


Mpalos offers a peaceful atmosphere, spectacular view, pinky white sands and turquiose and light green waters. The water is extraordinarily heat here therefore you’ll be able to get pleasure from swimming as long as you wish. Mpalos is additionally an incredible place for snorkeling. I’ve visited Mpalos many times and that i will sure enough say that this Greek beach isn’t to be missed.


SarakinikoLocated in Milos, Sarakiniko beach looks like a movie set, or an otherworldly landscape. Magnificent stone arches frame brilliant white sand, crystal blue waters, and a series of underwater caves. The whole landscape formed by the marvelous volcanic rocks is bright white, which makes a wonderful contrast with the turquoise and deep blue waters. Moreover, it doesn’t have any signs of vegetation. Thanks to its fantastic scenery, you will feel like you stand on the moon’s surface.


Off the coast of Lakonia, you’ll find the tiny, remote island of Elafonsios. And here, on this exotic escape, you’ll find another, even more hidden treasure. Past the postcard-perfect port and gentle sand dunes is the Simos beach. Powder white sand and water so transparent that it looks like glass make this one destination you won’t soon forget. Simos offers a wonderful swimming experience and it’s a perfect place to relax and soak up the sun. When the weather is windy, you can go windsurfing.Simos beach


In Antipaxoi, you’ll find Voutoumi beach, a small patch of soft sand and turquoise waters surrounded by lush green hills that stretch out to the sea. Since Antipaxos is a small island with about 60 permanent residents, there are no hotels and places to stay, but don’t let it stop you from visiting Voutoumi beach. It’s an earthly paradise! Spend the whole day lying on the beach and exploring the stunning underwater life, and have lunch at one of the small restaurants or taverns serving fresh caught seafood. But keep in mind that this beach is not nudist-friendly. July is the best time to visit the Voutoumi Beach so you have enough time to save some money for your trip to Voutoumi beach.

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Best Places for Whale Watching

No Comments 21 September 2015

What are the simplest places for whale watching? There are lots of places wherever you’ll catch a glimpse of those unbelievable behemoths. However, not all will offer the same breathtaking experience. Now you’ll discover seven best places for whale looking at, the simplest time to travel, and what tours totake to see them:

Cape Cod

Cape CodThe best time for whale looking at is between June and Sept wherever Finback whales are most often seen. The Whale Watch Dolphin Fleet of Provincetown is one in all the numerous charters to travel with on a tour of those whales.

Orcas Island, Washington State

This Island could be a prime spot wherever Orcawhales are seen heading north throughout the spring. There are several charters on the Island who do tours just like the Orcas Island Eclipse Charters.

Maui, Hawaii

As several as 3,000 Humpback whales come back to mate and provides birth within the warm and protected waters between island, Molokai, and Lanai. What is unique about whale watching here is that you can eavesdrop on the whales’ mating calls. The Aloha Kayaks Maui and the Trilogy Excursions are the 2 main attractions that offer tours.Hawaii


A variety of whales can be seen such as the Humpback, Orca, Beluga, Bowhead, Gray, Minke, and Northern Right. The best time to see them is during the summer. Harv and Marv’s Outback Alaska in Juneau and Hoonah Travel Adventures in Hoonah are two of the many charters to go see them.

Granville Island, Vancouver

The best time to watch is February and May. The species most frequent are the Orca whales. There are many boat tours like The Wild Whales Vancouver that offer this experience.

Los Cabos, Mexico

This region is a favorite spot for whale watching especially in December and April. Whales tend to stay in the shallow waters and often get close enough to shore that they are visible from land. El Arco is one of the tours that will take you.

South Island, New Zealand

South IslandThe town of Kaikoura is the best place to see Mighty Sperm whales and can be spotted year round. Also, Orca whales are seen between December and March while the Humpback whales in June and July. There is no shortage of whale watching tour companies here. However, Whale Watch Tours is a good place to start.

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Places to Visit in New Zealand

No Comments 18 September 2015

The Waitomo Glowworm Caves

The Waitomo caves are known as the firefly caves for an honest reason: the walls of the caves are home to many thousands of glowworms or fireflies. The caves even have a subterranean stream of safe, slow water. You’ll rent an inner tube and lazily float down the river in pitch darkness, with nothing to light your way other than the glowworms around you. It’s unlike anything that most people are ever likely to have experienced.Waitomo caves

The Franz Josef Glacier

An climbing expedition may appear like an activity that you simply would wish to decorate up in multiple coats and sweaters for. The seven mile-long Franz Josef glacier is nothing like this, though. It gets plenty of sunshine, it’s solely somewhat cooler than what you’ve got at ground level. After a day trekking on the glacier, a soak within the hot pools at the bottom will feel terrific.


Lake RotoruaThe Rotorua mineral springs on the North Island are a large area of natural springs, pools and mud geysers that you can have fun splashing about in. After you’ve had your fill of them, you get to take a ride on a cable gondola for a spectacular aerial view of the area.


The Orake Korako Thermal Park is an area of spectacular caves, springs and mud pools. Lake Taupo, a part of the Thermal Park, offers excellent jet boating, skydiving and bungee jumping opportunities. You will have lots of fun here and will want to visit Taupo over and over again.


FishingKaikoura is a tiny fishing town on the South Island. Once you get here, you get to spend a day off the coast spotting dolphins, whales and seals. Swimming with dolphins is one of my favorite things to do in Kaikoura. Whale watching is even more interesting here. Over a million people visit this fishing town every year and I’ve never heard any negative comments about this place.

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5 Best Places to Visit in New Zealand

No Comments 14 September 2015

Today we are on a journey to discovering a gorgeous island country, New island. To many, exotic, faraway New island may be a magical place – a wild land that’s too free for mere humans to tame. It isn’t an unreasonable impression; whereas New island is developed, its natural beauty has continually remained intact. A read through the places on this list can begin to make it clear however unspoiled New island is. If New island isn’t on your travel bucket list, I’m sure it’ll be in a very matter of a couple of minutes.

Milford Sound

Milford SoundThe Milford Sound, a narrow, glacier-cut sea inlet, was magnificently referred to as the eighth wonder of the globe by Rudyard Kipling. It’s straightforward to see why; the scenery is thing regarding the atmosphere of wild, lovely loneliness reminds guests of the moment of creation. It’s a good place for people who try to search out a real meaning of life or who simply want to relax and enjoy peace and quiet.

Waiheke Island

Waiheke Island, an oversized island within the Hauraki Gulf, may be a half hour by boat from Auckland. The climate and therefore the soil make Waiheke good for the grapes that the native wine business uses. With vineyards covering the island, it’s easy to spend a dreamy day exploring the vineyards and taking within the healthy atmosphere. If you’d like someone to take you around the island and explain its attractions to you, you only need to sign up with the Waiheke Island Wine Tours. You can stay overnight, too; the island has cozy hotels, lodges and restaurants.

The Bay of Islands

Paihia BeachIf you love water sports, sailing or fishing, the Bay of Islands is a great destination. A 3-hour drive from Auckland brings you to the Cape Reinga region, where the sea is packed with more than 100 little islands, right off the shore. You can try scuba diving, swimming with the dolphins or simply have a good time on the bars and restaurants about town.

White Island

While New Zealand has plenty of partially active volcanoes, White Island is the most active one of all. You can explore the volcano on foot or fly above it on a volcanic air safari helicopter ride. Going on foot can be the most exciting way, though, the volcano often has little eruptions, throwing up rocks. A hardhat is always recommended.

The Te Whakarewarewa Geothermal Valley

WhakarewarewaThe Te Whakarewarewa Geothermal Valley is a region of active hot water geysers. The area holds the single largest active geyser in the world. Some of the pools in the Valley are so hot that they exceed 94° C. If you want, you can walk up to the Maori Heritage Center and ask for a steam box meal, a meal cooked in the natural heat of the springs.

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Attractive Gardens in Pune

No Comments 10 September 2015

Gardens in Pune are a motivating feature of town. Gardens in Pune are a major source of diversionand foliage within the town. If {you ar|you’re} a bird watcher then the gardens in Pune are the perfect destination for you. There are many gardens in Pune, that are well-maintained and function as popular hangout spots.

Saras Baug

Saras BaugLocated at a distance of one km from Swargate, the Saras Baug garden in Pune is legendary for its impressive scenery of natural flora and a Ganapati temple. The Ganesh temple stands on a small hillock. Many people turn up at Saras Baug with children to relax on the lawns after sunset.

Empress Garden

Empress GardenJust next to Pune Solapur Road, it’s a huge garden containing many kinds of trees having fruits and flowers. Named once the Queen of Victoria this garden was usually used by British soldiers as a recreational spot. Spread across a neighborhood of over 59 acres this garden is one amongst the foremost most well-liked picnic spots within the town.

Bund Garden

Constructed by Sir Jamshedji Jeejeebhoy Bund Garden is one in all the foremost frequented traveller destinations in Pune. It’s set at a distance of two kms from the Pune train station. Built simply on top of the Mula-Mutha river this garden appears like a mini dam providing broad views of the lush green surroundings of the town. The garden provides facilities for a ship ride across the river. There is also a jogging track that is mostly used early in the morning

Snake Park

Established by Neelam Kumar Khaire in the year 1986 this garden in Pune is a one of a kind snake park. Housing over 160 species of snakes and reptiles this garden is among the major tourist attractions in Pune. Incase you are interested to know any further details about any specie of snake then the garden also provides a library fully dedicated to information on reptiles.


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Costa Rica – Paradise

No Comments 31 July 2015

It may be a tiny country in land mass, however Costa Rica is one among the world’s biggest natural playgrounds. Bordered between Nicaragua and Panama, Costa Rica boasts the world’s largest density of flora and fauna additionally to a varied terrain of mountains, valleys, forests, volcanoes, beaches, lakes and rivers. Costa Rica’s natural beauty andmade resources build it a preferred destination among eco-tourists and journey seekers.


What to See & Do

Nearly a quarter of Costa Rica is protected by various national parks that embrace Chirripo, Arenal Volcano, Corcovado, Manuel Antonio and Tortuguero, that shelter wonderful ecosystems and an abundance of life like ocean turtles, monkeys, iguanas, jaguars, tapirs, scarlet macaws and ocean turtles. These national parks also are favored for his or her several adventures that embrace jungle hiking, whitewater rafting, ziplining, hiking, whitewater rappelling and cave exploring. different protected areas like the Monteverde and Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserves feature captivating environments abundant in lush plants, colourful flowers and rare birds and animals.

However, Costa Rica isn’t all concerning ecotourism. The country is additionally torrential in elegant resorts, coastal cities and lovely beaches. The capital San Jose options a spread of feeding, shopping, colonial design and family attractions. Puerto Limón and Quesada are different cities with masses to visualize and do. Beach cities like Jaco, Santa Teresa and Tamarindo provide a number of the country’s hottest nightlife scenes, easy going vibes and wonderful surfing waves.

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Australia Tourism Guide

No Comments 24 July 2015

Located between the Pacific and Indian Oceans, Australia is that the world’s largest island and its smallest continent. The country incorporates a landmass round the same size of the Brazil or the forty eight contiguous us, however with a population of around twenty two million, Australia has one among very cheap population densities on earth. There’s area to move within the Land Down below, and with such a lot of sights to find and luxuriate in, there’s a good incentive to travel on a walkabout journey. Whereever guests go, the warmth, charm and easy-going friendliness of the country’s individuals is certain to enhance the travel expertise.

From the rainforests within the north to the desert outback within the country’s vast interior, Australia’s landscapes are a number of the foremost numerous on earth. Around 80 % of the nation’s flora and fauna exist obscurity else within the world. Though most of the country’s population lives in metropolitan cities on Australia’s 50,000 km (30,000-mile) long coastline, nature’s grandeur is often simply a brief move. guests will pay the day roughing it within the bush and be back in city in time to relish the most effective of Australia’s preparation delights and cultural attractions at the hours of darkness.

Each Australian town has its own special character. The capital Canberra is good for guests who need to explore the nation’s 50,000-year history. Australia’s oldest and largest town, Sydney is known for its picturesque harbor and natural beauty. Forward-thinking Melbourne is Australia’s bright cultural capital. Cairns is that the good home base for the adventurous individual. Whether or not exploring the standard manner of the nation’s Aboriginal individuals, reposeful on a sun-kissed beach or reveling the night away in a very town hot spot, Australia has one thing special to supply each tourist.

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Remember, remember!

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Are you guilty of getting so worked up before you go away that you forget the important stuff?

I think most people are guilty of this at some point, and generally leave the house en-route to the airport with that sinking feeling of ‘I’ve forgotten something

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