Reasons to Visit Canada

  Canada is a big, bold country that is packed with natural intrigue, friendly people and great multicultural cities. People come to Canada to see the dual cultures of French and English co-existing together in harmony; they come to see both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and the diverse communities that make up each side of the country; they come […]

Top 5 Sites in Birmingham

  Birmingham, Alabama, is the largest city in the state. The state was named after the United Kingdom city with the same name known for its industry. The city itself was founded six years after the Civil War ended, in 1871. Birmingham earned the nickname of “The Magic City” because of its quick growth population between the years 1881 and […]

Things not to do in South America

  When you’re taking a trip to South America you have signed yourself up to have a really good and diverse time. Still though there are a few things that you should bear in mind about the trip you are going to take. This blog provides a bit of practical advice for taking an expedition in South America that will help […]

Corfu Holidays Made Special in Sidari

Sidari lies on the northern side of the beautiful island of Corfu, a humble fishing village with a population numbering only in the hundreds until the 1980s, when it began to be known as an excellent tourist destination for families and singles alike. Three great beaches, safe swimming areas and a good range of water sports are available for all. […]

Tourist Spots in London England

So you have taken the plunge and you are in London, England. What to do with yourself? Now that’s an easy one as there is much to see in this world city. London is graced with some of the best museums and art galleries in the world, all of which are free to visit, and a bounty of iconic buildings: […]

Ersum Knights Abbey

Have you ever wondered to yourself what would it have been like to live in medieval times when life was ruled by the glimmer of steel and the might of a sword? If you have the annual knights market at Esrum Abbey near Copenhagen in Denmark June of each year will afford you the opportunity. All the aspects of medieval […]

Free Things to in Oslo

Oslo by every ones account is a pretty expensive place. Items like a can of coke can range up to $4 dollars US. With that in mind travelers always have their ears perked for finding low cost and even free things to do in the city. Now everyone knows that walking around and soaking in a city is always free. […]

Live Music Venues in Glasgow

Glasgow is a city known for having a definite edginess to it. The Scots have long produced many great bands known for their pent up aggressive performing styles. If you’re in Glasgow perhaps a way that you might like to spend a bit of your time is to take in one of these concerts. Below is a listing of five […]

Thing that you can do in South Africa

You have traveled to South Africa in the pursuit of adventure, amusement and just good old fun! Don’t worry – your choice has been a good one. There are many different things to do here, many of which connect to the unique geography and wild life prevalent there in the continent of Africa.  A few ideas for things that you […]

Places to Party in Amsterdam

So you have walked around the wonderful, spiralling city of Amsterdam for the day. Perhaps, you already have a little pot buzz… perhaps not, and you wonder – what now? It’s night time and there has to be somewhere to go and really let lose. Well, Amsterdam isn’t London or New York, but there are still a few bars to […]