Five Benefits of Teaching English Abroad

These days a popular way to travel and have a new life experience is to teach English abroad. Not only will the person doing this earn money, but they will be connecting themselves in a much deeper and meaningful way to the country they are teaching in. If you are considering teaching English abroad, or if you just want to […]

Top Five Cyclist Cities in the World

Getting around on a bicycle is both the cheapest and easiest way to get around in a city that doesn’t have many hills. Certain cities have truly embraced this green method of transport and have taken it in as the dominant form to get from point A to point B. Below is a listing of the top five cities that […]

The Different Variations of Traveling

While in layman’s terms you’re traveling somewhere when you have left the house and gotten into your car. For this blog though, we’re talking about taking a trip to a foreign country, then categorizing that trip a little more. I want to talk about the difference of a short trip to an extended trip and finally just moving to a […]

Things off the Beaten Path to do London

London is a city so filled with things to do and so much culture that actually choosing can be difficult. Sifting through such a mammoth pile of potential directions to go into the city could lead even the best of us scratching our head at the pub around the corner from our hotel. The following list looks to provide a few […]

Things to Do in Krakow Poland

Of the cities of Europe one of the most beautiful and compelling is Krackow Poland. Blessed with ancient architecture and grand squares just wandering around the streets will be fuel enough for many travelers. However, as with anywhere, a few suggestions of specific attractions and things to do can add a little something to any visit or trip to a […]

Things to do in Moscow

With the former Soviet Union long opened up people still have an intrigue with discovering just what is inside the capital of the former Soviet world. Reputed to be a place where crass capitalism permanently altered the landscape in a kind of Wild West capitalist frenzy in the 90’s Moscow has much cultural intrigue attached to it. The following list […]